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The Power of a Professional Brand and Why You Need One

The Power of a Professional Brand and Why You Need One

As a career coach, I often work with people that brand products or services for an organization but have no real awareness of their personal professional brand and why it matters. It’s time to take stock of your own brand and use it to achieve your career goals.[Related: 3 Things People Get Wrong About Personal Branding]Your Story Matters – when was the last time you checked in with colleagues, or your boss to ask how they perceive you professionally? If their response does not match how you want to be seen in the workplace, then it’s time to revamp your professional brand and create the story you want others to know about you.I coached a working mom, a lawyer who recently returned from a mat

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Community Discussion
Ana Kolodzinski
Ana Kolodzinski

A fantastic article on how we all need to empower ourselves to own our brand. I work with expat women that are constantly changing cities, countries, and careers. I agree that women need to take stock of what other people are thinking or saying about their personal professional brand and use that information to either advocate for change or highlight that brand moving forward in their career.

Thursday, Apr 5 9:12 AM EDT