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A long time ago, I learned that success…

A long time ago, I learned that success…

When I think of success, three things come to mind: desire, pursuit and triumph. In the face of adversity, is your first thought to give up, or do you keep going?In 2014, I had an experience that was nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to my dear friend Melissa Braverman -- and Oprah. Yes, that Oprah. Melissa and I spent a beautiful Saturday at Oprah’s “The Life You Want” weekend in Newark, New Jersey. I will save the planting of emoticons and “kumbaya” moments in this post because the story is best told in person. The printed word wouldn’t do it justice. There were several points during the full day of speeches, workbook exercises (I was caught off-guard by this) and even SoulCycle™ madne

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