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10 Social Media Tips: How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Your Business

10 Social Media Tips: How to Elevate Your Personal Brand and Your Business

This article was originally featured on Christine Notes

By Christine Condon

“What do you have to say? How do you say it? What do you stand for?”—Dave Kerpen, Co-Founder of Likeable Media

Sometimes life moves too fast for us to stop and think about the answers to these questions. But it’s important as a professional and as a human with a digital footprint.

And let’s face it; we all have a digital footprint. If you have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile, you have a significant online presence. So, how do you make the most of this for yourself and your business?

Carrie and Dave Kerpen, the founders of Likeable Media and Likeable Local, recently sat down to speak with the women’s professional network, Ellevate in downtown Manhattan.

This husband/wife (or wife/husband!) entrepreneurial team are “likeable” for a reason. Through endearing, flirty banter, they wowed the audience by sharing how they met, fell in love, and founded a booming social media business together—Likeable Media—which was based on the idea that “great ideas fuel word of mouth.”

Most importantly, the Kerpens shared invaluable tips for “elevating” your brand and social profile. Read on…

10 Social Media Tips from the Founders of Likeable Media:

1. Your personal brand is important. With social media, you are representing yourself with every post you share.

2. Understand your personal brand. Who you think you are isn’t necessarily how how you are perceived. What three words would you use to describe yourself? Then ask friends and family the same question. Soul-search for the truth in that.

3. “The reason we struggle with insecurity is that we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel,” Carrie Kerpen quoted a pastor she referenced. Kerpen stated, “You have to realize you are seeing the best of everyone else and evaluating that against the worst of yourself.” So be aware that what you are seeing is their highlight reel. Knowing this will make you feel better and boost your own confidence.

4. So, how do you create your highlight reel? Think about who you want to be. Who you can be. And who you are. There is an intersection. Share others’ wisdom. Be vulnerable. That doesn’t mean oversharing the mundane. As Carrie said, it means “be real and unafraid to be you.”

5. Giving away value breeds trust, and trust breeds business. Think about what type of content resonates with your audience.

6. For businesses, think about what type of social content will convert.

7. How relevant is posting time? It matters a lot. You should test.

8. Social media is a 24/7/365 focus group. Use it. Listen. Social media gives us the opportunity to listen at great scale. Listen & demonstrate sympathy as a company. Learn how you can improve. That’s how you grow your business.

9. Repeat content. You have a responsibility, if you have good content, to share it four to five times. You can share it six to eight hours apart over three days, using different headlines.

10. Finally, social media is all about sharing a great story—which is exactly what the Kerpens’ did at this worthwhile Ellevate event.


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