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How to Connect Intelligently Over the Holidays

How to Connect Intelligently Over the Holidays

As we step into the holidays, many people think they need a digital detox - cell phones need to go away in drawers and all screens have to shut off. While it's not a bad idea, it's not absolutely necessary either. We don’t have to disconnect for a week to find serenity during the holidays. Most importantly, we need a boost of authentic human connection and this doesn’t have to mean tearing yourself away from your iPhone.

The key to making your holiday meaningful is using your connectional intelligence to avoid getting bogged down in all the noise and not connecting more but connecting smarter. We can have the best of both worlds if we use our connective tools more wisely.

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There are many ways that our technology can actually enrich our holidays, but it does take some awareness of how you are spending your time and what connections you are making. If we disconnect completely we might miss some valuable ways to connect over the holidays like Skyping with relatives in other cities or countries or sharing pictures of family. We might also think about who we haven’t connected with in a while and send out an end-of-the-year e-mail update.

Observe the connections that you are letting in so you use your time off to the fullest. Be aware if you are getting pulled away from family because you’re wrapped up in a mindless Twitter feed.

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Time off from work also can allow exploring alternative avenues to peace like trying a meditation app that you wouldn’t make time to try during the year (my favorite is HeadSpace). There are many ways that our smartphones can actually add more quiet to our lives.

It’s all about priorities and taking control of how and when we are connected. Enjoy the time off! I sure will.

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