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4 Tips to Succeed at the Negotiating Table

4 Tips to Succeed at the Negotiating Table

There’s a common perception that women may be at a disadvantage in financial negotiations, but new evidence suggests that women can actually be better suited to this arena than men. According to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, women may be more effective than men in negotiating money matters when they have experience negotiating, when they negotiate for others, and when they know about the bargaining range. The problem for women isn’t that they perform badly at the negotiating table; it’s that they rarely pull up a chair.Although men aren’t inherently better at negotiating, they are more comfortable doing it. According to a poll, 36 percent of men always n

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Community Discussion
Veronica "Niki" Fielding

Good tips, especially #4. Until women have more experience negotiating, pretending to negotiate for someone else provides experience, enables us to feel stronger, and paves the way for more confident negotiating for ourselves by building on a solid foundation.

February 8, 2015