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How to Ask for a Raise: Advice from Inspirational Businesswomen

How to Ask for a Raise: Advice from Inspirational Businesswomen

Did you know that women work for free 59 days out of the year?It’s true.Even if you’re fortunate like me, and you absolutely love your job, you probably wouldn’t want to do it for free for 59 days in a row. Or, you know, at all.In an analysis for The Huffington Post, Ariane Hegewisch (The Institute for Women’s Policy Research) showed that women are working for free for 11 weeks and three days every year, while their male counterparts are being paid for every day of their hard work.This means that women make, on average, 77.4 percent of what men make in a year.And what does this mean for you? It means that one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to ask for a raise at work.I asked for a ra

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Laura Browne
Laura Browne

These are great suggestions! If you want more information on How To Ask For A Raise At Work, join us for an Ellevate webinar on January 14. We'll review 7 practical steps.

Monday, Jan 13 10:18 AM EST