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Member Advice: Quotes to Inspire

Member Advice: Quotes to Inspire

Learn more about Cheriinspiring yourself, and how to regain motivation.

Learn more about Maryinvesting in yourself and taking advantage of your skills.

Learn more about Neeta, tips on how to continue being the best, and how to achieve fulfillment.

Learn more about Monica, investing in our children's talent, and navigating a work-life balance.

Learn more about Annapersistence, and how to adjust your mindset to be successful.

Learn more about Susan, the importance of relationships and the positive impact of women.

Learn more about Katherine, being resilient and having strong role models

Learn more about Michelle, being confident, and learning more about new opportunities.

Learn more about Jennifer, surviving the unexpected and embracing change.

Learn more about Karen, empowering other women and staying true to your values in business.

Learn more about Sophiemaking decisions, and being confident.

Learn more about Alexwork/life balance, and learning how to fail.

Learn more about Lina, having a positive attitude and choosing the right life partner.

Learn more about Yvonne, learning from surprises and staying open to opportunity in the face of those unexpected challenges.

Learn more about Shannon, committing to your goals, and focusing on your vision of success.

Learn more about Mariataking charge of your life and pursuing balance

Learn more about Lydotta, getting out of your comfort zone and taking risks

Learn more about Halapersevering and achieving your goals.

Learn more about Jessica, achieving work-life balance and remembering what matters.

Learn more about Diane, taking care of yourself and reaching your potential.

Learn more about Chloe, being accountable and being good to yourself.

Learn more about Shari, giving yourself freedom to fail, and the journey of life.

Learn more about Katherine, being mindful at work and asking for help.

Learn more about Amy, having an "I can" attitude and following your passion.

Learn more about Venus, making your goals the first priority and staying focused.

Learn more about Allison, understanding your strengths and having an impact.

Learn more about Amita, the value of acting with authenticity and living the life you want.

"I believe with more and more women having a voice in decisions affecting their everyday lives, the world will change for the better."

Dara Lamb, CEO, Dara Lamb Custom Clothing

Learn more about Dara and more women having a voice.

"Be flexible, resilient and embrace change. Many people are so intimidated by change that they cannot absorb the tremendous opportunities it creates."

Jeanne Achille, CEO, The Devon Group

Learn more about Jeanne, resilience and embracing opportunity.

"The most gratifying thing in the world is to come up with an idea that you think is big and compelling, then test, iterate, build, and launch it."

Sara Weinheimer, Founder/Executive Producer, BroadMic

Learn more about Sara, starting your business, and female entrepreneurship.

“Learn. Soak it in. Don't judge yourself or anyone else too harshly. This experience and any mistakes will shape you and create the serendipity of the path that's about to unfold for you.”

Courtney Feider, Founder/Principal, Adrian + Sabine

Learn more about Courtney, rebounding from mistakes, and steering clear of negativity.

"People care less about what you do and more about why you do it."

Katie Mehnert, CEO, Pink Petro

Learn more about Katie, staying true to your motivations and communicating that to people.

"Build on what you love to do and, above all, VALUE your abilities."

Teresa D'Angelo, Owner, Live Love Move

Learn more about Teresa, valuing your abilities and starting with what you love.

"Don't take yourself too seriously, be passionate about what you do and enjoy the process as much as the final product."

Karen Norheim, Executive Vice President, American Crane and Equipment Corporation

Learn more about Karen, harnessing your passion and enjoying the process.

"Find what you love to do–and I don’t mean the actual job description part- and rock that."

Jill Ozovek, Founder, Certified Professional Coach, Jill Ozovek Coaching

Learn more about Jill, focusing on what you love to do and staying positive.

"Be unapologetically you. Spend some time truly discovering what makes you thrive and come alive."

Neeta Bhushan, Founder, Independent Awakening

Learn more about Neetabreaking through your roadblocks, and feeling like the best version of yourself.

"You don’t have to choose between work or family, creative or business, money or joy."

Caroline Ceniza- Levine, Founder, SixFigureStart

Learn more about Caroline, balancing your priorities and finding joy in what you do.

"Spend more time outside of the office-- you are rarely going to get new business by just sitting behind a desk!"

Meg McMullen Collins, President & CEO, New England Research & Management, Inc.

Learn more about Meg, spending time outside of the office and leading your business.

"Don’t have an emotional attachment to an outcome. Everything always works out the way it should."

Parissa Behnia, Idea Chef at 678 Partners

Learn more about Parissa, emotions at work and being a business owner

"Being a woman leader is about speaking and embodying what you believe, not just accommodating to an organization’s culture or pursuing media rewards."

Erica Dhawan, Founder and CEO, Cotential

Learn more about Erica, being a woman leader and staying true to yourself.

"Pay attention to your own needs and feelings... Taking care of yourself helps keep your mind and body primed to deal with situations that require resilience."

Geri Stengel, President, Ventureneer

Learn more about Geritaking care of yourself, and developing resilience

"To risk trying things and not be afraid to fail. You learn more from your failures than you do your successes."

Terri Kahan, founder of Terri Kahan Fine Art

Learn more about Territaking risks, and learning from failure.

"Having a career is a marathon, not a sprint! By the way, interests can change along the way – and that’s OK!"

Christine Alvarez, VP of Integrated Ad Sales Marketing at Discovery Communications

Learn more about Christine, finding work/life balance, and pursuing new interests.

"Fail but don’t give up. Fail as often as you fail, but learn from every failure, every mistake, every error. Be hard on yourself but don’€™t be merciless."

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, Founder and President, Breast Health & Healing Foundation

Learn more about Kathleenfailing, and forgiving yourself

"Believe in yourself; you will have obstacles; you will fail; you are strong and ultimately, you will succeed!"

Candice Corby, CEO, Cobra Legal Solutions LLC

Learn more about Candicebelieving in yourself, and embracing failure.

"Be unapologetically you. Own your unique stories, your unique gifts, ask lots of questions, fail fast and many times, and most of all - be curious."

Neeta Bushan, Founder and Executive Director, Independent Awakening

Learn more about Neetabeing yourself, and fostering curiosity.

"Find your passion. Figure out what really makes you burst with excitement. Then do it! You can achieve great things when your 'work isn’t work but is your love'."

Betty Holland, Owner, Sophisticated Stones

Learn more about Bettyloving your work, and finding your passion

"Enjoy and embrace the challenges. Keep the fuel on your dreams and approach challenges like a puzzle."

Nandy Hurst, Private Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch - PBIG

Learn more about Nandyembracing challenges, and staying focused on your dreams.

"Focus on RIGHT NOW. There is nothing you can do about the past, so why worry about it?"

Mary Kopczynski, Founder & CEO, 8of9 Consulting

Learn more about Maryforgiving yourself, and making each day count

"You can only see the significance of what you’ve done when enough time has passed and you look back. But, looking back isn't the way to live your life day-to-day. Most of the time, you have to look at what’s right in front of you."

Stacey Kim, Founder, Life Junctions LLC

Learn more about Stacey, looking forward and moving on and how to appreciate what's in front of you.

“Find your mission in life and let it take you to many different venues.”

Inez Tenenbaum, Attourney & Partner at Nelson Mullins Ruley & Scarborough, LLP

Learn more about Inez, how to find your voice, and following your dreams.

"Take the time to figure out what you really like doing and cultivate the skills you need. Then work hard and have faith in yourself, your abilities and your intuition."

Rachel Dicker, Founder of Rachel Dicker Travel

Learn more about Rachel, finding faith and confidence in yourself, and learning how to push your boundaries.

“Have big and small visions and a focus. Then stay focused without being narrowed in the vision.”

Abha Maryada Banerjee, Founder of SUCCESS INDIA

Learn more about Abha, how to reach your full potential, and authenticity.

“Respect yourself and chose to be with people you admire and love as much as possible.”

Susan Grandis, Partner at Rubin & Rudman LLP

Learn more about Susan, leveraging your connections, and holding yourself accountable.

“THIS is the time for women to own their femininity and realize the power, and healing, it holds.”

Kim Ann Curtin, CEO & Founder of The Wall Street Coach

Learn more about Kim, empowering women in business, and core competencies for today’s executive.

"If you fly under the radar then you miss an opportunity to create an important buzz around you."

Cindy Wahler, Leadership Excellence

Learn more about Cindy, creating a buzz and speaking up.

"You are better than you think you are. Focus on building on your strengths, rather than working so hard to overcome your perceived weaknesses. It is a much better use of time and energy."

Susan Duffy, Executive Director, Babson College Center

Learn more about Susan, recognizing your strengths and being more productive with your time. 

"Keep on keeping on... Keeping up standards, continuing to plow on with quality work  – it does pay off in the end."

Ashley Milne-Tyte, Journalist and podcast host, The Broad Experience

Learn more about Ashley, staying engaged in your work and advocating for yourself.

"Don’t give up. If you know you are meant to do something, you can’t stop when the going gets rough. The biggest difference between people who finish and those who don’t rests in sticking it out through difficulty."

Deborah Buresh Jackson, Founder and CEO, Plum Alley

Learn more about Deborahpersevering through hardship, and resilience

"Trying to be authentic, strictly speaking, isn’t really authentic at all... Do what you promise."

Shannon Wilkinson, CEO, Reputation Communications: Online Reputation Management

Learn more about Shannonauthenticity, and following through on your promises.  

"Failure doesn't really exist, it’s just a matter of perspective."

Sumeera Rasul, Founder/CEO, Madesmith

Learn more about Sumeerasurviving failure and how to maintain a positive perspective.

"Don’t be afraid to be who you are! Do not allow others to use intimidation or power to keep you down. Know your strengths; and stay strong in believing in yourself regardless of who else does."

Julia Harris Wexler, Managing Partner, Wexler Consulting LLC

Learn more about Julia, being confident in who you are and your strengths.

"Everything is temporary, emotions are not to be seen as good or bad but to be noticed and learned from."

Kimberly Campbell, Founder and Owner, Om Healing and Wellness

Learn more about Kimberly, mindfulness and learning from your experiences.

"I find that we women often impose impossible standards on everything we do. We need to learn how to let go of those. A lot of times, opportunities present themselves when we are least ready for them."

Camilla Papale, Founder & Creative Director, Camilla Papale Brand & Marketing Consultancy

Learn more about Camilla, letting go of thoughts that hold you back and embracing opportunity.

"Whenever you are doing something, especially if you are not sure if it is a good use of your time, ask yourself: How is this bringing me closer to my life goals and purpose?"

Teju Adisa- Farrar, Founder & Creative Director, World Unwrapped

Learn more about Teju, keeping your priorities straight and goal setting.

"Don’t be afraid or embarrassed by what you don’t know – own it. Find the experts, ask questions, be transparent in your curiosity and your need for more knowledge."

Mary Murrin, Social Investment Team Lead, Chevron

Learn more about Mary, facing your fears and being honest.

"If you don’t see your career as a source of emotional satisfaction, all you have is just a job that becomes a means to an end."

Nava Yeshoalul, Staffing Partner, Global Business Organization, Google

Learn more about Nava, finding satisfaction in your work and finding what truly makes you happy.

"Choose your path and if it turns out not to be what you want, there’s always another way to go."

Karen Bigman, Founder and President, The Divorcierge

Learn more about Karen, finding your passion and possibly changing your plan.

"The future you most want is yours to create."

Annette Saldaña, Founder, Irresistible Requests, CEO, ASG Training & Development

Learn more about Annette, how to create your own future and reach your goals.

"Don’t change a bit. It is your authenticity that will carry you forward."

Christine Simiriglia, Executive Director, Pathways to Housing PA

Learn more about Christine, staying authentic and moving upward.

"The bottom line is, you and only you are in charge of your future."

Johanna Wise, CEO & Founder, Refresh Your Career, LLC

Learn more about Johanna, resilience and writing your own story of success.

"As we prepare and propagate our cause of equal rights the world over; we must change the locus of control to within us; rather than outside of us."

Meera Kaul, Chairperson, Meera Kaul Foundation


Learn more about Meera, empowering women to take control and being taken seriously.

"Building confidence is a process. Shift your beliefs, begin to trust yourself to take action and transform your life and career."

Delores DeGiacomo, Founder/ President, Coaching For Life Today

Learn more about Delores, gaining confidence and transforming your life.

"It is not what you do, or even how you do it, but how you think about it that gives you purpose."

Susan Price, Content Director, Ivy Press

Learn more about Susan, finding your calling and reframing your perspective.

"Your values shape your personal and professional identities so they typically carry a strong emotional charge."

Elinor Robin, CEO, A Friendly Divorce

Learn more about Elinor, finding the right business partner and aligning your work with your values.

"The only race I am destined to run and win is mine."

Renee Smith, President, My Guru Publishing

Learn more about Renee and finding your own path.

"Don’t be in a rush to grow up. Take your time. There is a tremendous journey ahead of you, and you will have plenty of time to be a grown up."

Pawneet Abramowski, SVP, Director AML & Sanctions Risk Management, The Bancorp

Learn more about Pawneet, maturing and the journey ahead.

"You have to believe in yourself and your vision more than anyone else around you."

Coco Meers, CEO & Founder, Pretty Quick

Learn more about Coco, believing in yourself and confidence.

"Resilience and belief in yourself are the most important qualities you can have for a successful career."

Sophia Matveeva, Associate Director, Hawthorne Advisors

Learn more about Sophia, resilience and being a success.

"Keep your moral compass, but play in the game. Find people who can help you improve your game."

Veronica (Niki) Fielding, CEO, Digital Brand Expressions

Learn more about Veronica, putting your hat in the game and finding the right people.

"The new global economic reality is a perfect fit for female leadership skills."

Linda Galindo, President and CEO, Galindo Consulting, Inc.

Learn more about Linda, female leadership and changing the face of business.

"Quitting plans, projects, programs and pathways that aren't serving you any longer is incredibly liberating."

Manisha Thakor, Founder & CEO, MoneyZen Wealth Management

Learn more about Manisha, learning when to quit and listening to your inner voice.

"I believe in pleasure and productivity, and nothing in between."

Jennifer Dziura, Founder of Get Bullish

Learn more about Jennifer, the Bullish Conference and finding happiness in your work.