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Feel like you’re at a crossroads? Ellevate 101 introduces you to the community that can give you a career kickstart.

We’ll walk you through some light intros and give you space to connect about shared career experiences. You’ll also learn how to use your Ellevate program to continuously make moves towards success at work.

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Member Advice: Leadership

Member Advice: Leadership

Learn more about Kathleenspeaking up, and being a good leader for struggling employees. 

Learn more about Natalie, advising how to be a good leader and trusting your gut.

Learn more about Christine, being a trustworthy leader, and building trust with your employees.

Learn more about Zeynep, listening to your employees and following your instinct.

Learn more about Monica, how to climb to the top and Ellevate's list of leadership resources.

Learn more about Stephanie, how to drive change, and how to enhance your presence. 

Learn more about Jessica, how to elevate those who matter most to you, and about investing in your employees.

Learn more about Veronica, the importance of taking responsibility and getting in the game and staying true to yourself.

Learn more about Deborah, asking questions and creating a meaningful life.

Learn more about Alexandra, the impact a mentor can have, and the art of improvisation.

Learn more about Melissa, being relatable, and finding balance in your career.

Learn more about Anniebeing likable, and negotiating successfully

Learn more about Clare, being a leader, and handling roadblocks in your career. 

Learn more about Shushana, staying focused, and being determined.

Learn more about Ann, cultivating your organizational structure and trusting your gut.

Learn more about Sophie, trying despite the possibility of failure and setting achievable goals

Learn more about Fabianaempowering others and finding your path

Learn more about Beth, integrating work and life and making the most of you time.

Learn more about Maryproductivity and ways to refresh and relax.

Learn more about Susan, respecting yourself, and surrounding yourself with the right people.

Learn more about Deepali, what we can learn from other women leaders and having savvy conversation with powerful people.

Learn more about Maxine, the power of resilience, and creative problem solving.  

Learn more about Jane, ignoring the haters, and caring for yourself.

Learn more about Ayla, finding a sponsor or mentor, and how an MBA can be an investment in yourself.

"As a business owner, I’ve learned you must invest in your business and yourself - whether it’s an educational conference, an online course, or joining Ellevate - we all need to continue to grow, evolve and learn. I believe it’s crucial to invest in you to achieve optimal growth."

Amy Adams, Managing Member, AJA Marketing, LLC

Learn more about Amy, investing in yourself and your business.

"You cannot be, do and have everything. But when you know what your priorities are, what is important to you and you live by that – then you will feel immense success and satisfaction in life."

Karina Schmitt Lund, Founder, Winterspring

Learn more about Karina, prioritizing and staying true to yourself.

"Learning how to be the calm, soothing connector who facilitates the creation of diverse ecosystems has been a lifelong objective. Doing so adds value and diffuses objections before they arise."

Jeanne Achille, CEO, The Devon Group

Learn more about Jeanne, being an effective leader and a problem-solver

"To show your leadership ability, you can’t remain a worker bee, you must demonstrate that you can actually help bring an idea into full fruition."

Nozomi Morgan, President/ Executive Coach, Michiki Morgan Worldwide LLC

Learn more about Nozomi, demonstrating your utility and emerging as a leader.

"Treat people with the same respect that you expect from others."

Jennifer Merschdorf, CEO, Young Survival Coalition

Learn more about Jennifer, being mindful and respecting others.

"My biggest challenge in my career to date is being an entrepreneur. I love it and find it so rewarding, but it is also very challenging to wear so many ‘hats’ every day."

Lena Beck Rørvig, CEO, Beck Global Consulting

Learn more about Lena, becoming an entrepreneur and facing its challenges.

"Don’t be the shrinking violet. People flock to confidence and innovation, so view client meetings as an opportunity to sell yourself as someone who will help their company."

Jennifer Gluckow, CEO, Sales Generators

Learn more about Jennifer, first impressions and confidence.

"Building trust in your work environment takes effort but the results are long lasting and can revolutionize productivity."

Caroline Dowd- Higgins, Director of Professional Enrichment, Indiana Universiy Alumni Association

Learn more about Caroline, building trust at work and being productive.

"Recognizing that you and your team have power together is important. Be humble and listen to what others have to say."

Farhana Huq, Founder & Executive Coach, Surf Life Coaching

Learn more about Farhana, being a leader and listening.

“Have big and small visions and a focus. Then stay focused without being narrowed in the vision.”

Abha Maryada Banerjee, Founder of SUCCESS INDIA

Learn more about Abhastaying focused in leadership roles, and crafting your vision.

"Pursue your interests. I’ve had three careers and they have unknowingly/unwittingly all flowed from one another... Only by pursuing my interests did this career open up to me."

 Nanette Miner, founder of The Training Doctor

Learn more about Nanettepursuing your interests, and using your strengths to your advantage.

"I have cultivated strong relationships with successful kind people who have given me great career advice and encouraged me along the way. They didn’t come to me, I found them. So don’t be shy ladies!"

Sophia Matveeva, Associate Director at Blasting News

Learn more about Sophia, cultivating relationships, and reaching out to people

"Get very creative and smart about not spending too much early on in a new business. Barter, learn new skills and do as much as possible yourself."

Sumeera Rasul, Founder/ CEO of Madesmith

Learn more about Sumeera, her company Madesmith, and starting your own business.

"You can’t worry about whether or not every idea will succeed. You must pursue your ideas with passion and conviction."

Ann Pollina, Head of School, Westover

Learn more about Annfearlessness, and leading with conviction

"Gather all you may need when making a choice but then seek your own inner wisdom and guidance to make the final call."

Kim Ann Curtin, Author, "Transforming Wall Street," Founder & CEO of The Wall Street Coach

Learn more about Kim, leading in uncertainty, and what else you can do to be a great leader.

“Love everyone, especially when they piss you off.”

Mary Kopczynski, Founder & CEO of 8of9 Consulting

Learn more about Mary, how to stop apologizing, and quiet the haters.

“In the end there is always more to learn and more to accomplish.”

Christine Alvarez, VP of Integrated Marketing for Discovery Communications

Learn more about Christine and why you should never stop learning.

"Work hard; be nice."

Inez Tenenbaum, Attorney, Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP

Learn more about Inez, the power of hard work, and how to lead by example.

"Position yourself amid fertile soil, find mentors and allies, and celebrate success more than setbacks.”

Elizabeth Sheehan, President and Founder, Containers 2 Clinics

image_uploads/11911/1435767398-elizabeth sheehan.jpg

Learn more about Elizabeth, finding allies, and how to move past setbacks.

“Effective leaders create a supportive team around them that works to ensure all stakeholders have the same goals and aspirations for the firm.”

Meg McMullen Collins, President and CEO, New England Research & Management, Inc.

Learn more about Meg, building a great team, and creating collective goals.

"Having the right answer doesn't mean it’s [your] place to volunteer it immediately. When people arrive at the answer for themselves and you let them do it, you're respecting their intelligence."

Parissa Behnia, Idea Chef, 678 Partners

Learn more about Parissa, being a leader who listens and being a good boss

"If you take your emotions and ego out of the equation and focus on the facts, you are more likely to make the best decision available for the situation."

Bridget Williams, Sales Executive, AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLC

Bridget williams (1)

Learn more about Bridget, staying focused and improving your decision making skills.

"Never ever ever ever give away your power. As individuals, we need to make sure we are creating the life we want and not giving away our personal power. Figure out where you are giving away your power in your life and career and ask yourself if it's worth it."

Ayelet Baron, Chief Instigator, Simplifying Work

Learn more about Ayeletleadership and working within your personal values.

"Understanding your employee's perspective can go a long way towards increasing productivity and happiness."

Kathryn Minshew, CEO and Co-founder, The Muse

Learn more about Kathryn, empowering your employees and the most important trait for entrepreneurs.

"I think all problems have solutions, and the cool and collected people get to the solutions quicker and more creatively."

Dana Kromm, Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP

Learn more about Dana, working outside of your comfort zone and being authentic.

"If you are confident, others will believe in you, invest in you, and follow you."

Jennifer Geoghegan, Elite Advisor Coach & VP Marketing, Focus Financial Partners

Learn more about Jennifer, leadership and catching the eye of investors.

"Everyone has some blind spots – even the power players - and so everyone can benefit from a coach."

Sarah Vermunt, Founder, Careergasm

Learn more about Sarah, being the best you and giving yourself the opportunity to improve.

"A leader that can successfully negotiate is extremely powerful; it’s a differentiator."

Ananda Laberge, Negotiation Consultant & Tutor, Scotwork

Learn more about Ananda, negotiation and being a leader.

"Consider every interaction an opportunity. Turn every negative situation into a positive outcome. You will be considered a leader."

Stacey Hawley, Owner/ Principle, Credo

Learn more about Stacey, seeing opportunity in unlikely places and being a leader.