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Member Advice: Confidence

Member Advice: Confidence

Learn more about Shamini, overcoming self doubt, and tips for pushing through hard times. 

Learn more about Mary, having courage and seizing the moment.

Learn more about Deborah, setting goals and inspiring confidence in others.

Learn more about Annie, being confident in your passion, and investing in your best work.

Learn more about Giovanna and setting your own rules and goals. Also, get inspired from ambitious women.

Learn more about Neeta, being bold and authentic.

Learn more about Clare, having the confidence while networking and embracing change

Learn more about Monica, how to conquer confidence, and how to overcome challenges.

Learn more about Debbie, being heard in your presentation and staying you.

Learn more about Deena, overcoming challenges and resilience.

Learn more abut Yuliya, staying confident, and how women can rise to the top.

Learn more about Kimcourage and bravery, and setting goals

Learn more about Karen, effective communication and being kind.

Learn more about Cary, the Long Island Chapter of Ellevate and the power of believing in yourself.

Learn more about Kim, cultivating empowerment, and owning your personal power.

Learn more about Giovanna, achieving your goals and ignoring negativity

Learn more about Monica, finding your passion and having the confidence to go for it. 

Learn more about Shamini, building confidence and being yourself.

Learn more about Elisa, maintaining confidence and being resilient.

Learn more about Candice, having vision and communicating your confidence.

Learn more about Ashley, staying engaged in your work and advocating for yourself.

Learn more about Karina, trusting your intuition, and following your heart

Learn more about Terri, learning from mistakes, and risk taking

Learn about Susan, using your time, and self-confidence.

"Say yes and then figure it out after. I’m much better now about pursuing opportunities I don’t feel ready for and being comfortable that it will work out."

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Founding partner, SixFigureStart

Learn more about Caroline, being confident and comfortable with saying yes to opportunities.

"I knew I had made it when I saw that my natural talents, strengths, values, and skills were aligned. This sounds simple, but it took many years for me to become aware of how these things acted in synergy and to give me strong confidence."

Carolann Wolfgang, Owner/Director, Uluru Mediation, Inc. and Orion Sustainable Performance Solutions, Inc.

Learn more about Carolann, aligning her skills set and having confidence.

"Learning to let go of a fear of failure or fear of being judged is incredibly liberating, and helps you think of ways to fly rather than focusing on not falling."

Amita Gupta, Stylist, Keaton Row

Learn more about Amita, letting go of fear and defining success on your own terms.

"Keep doing what you are doing and never forget that when something makes you nervous – go at it full force! And If you don’t know the answer – research it until you know it so well you can teach it to others."

Jennifer Merschdorf, CEO, Young Survival Coalition

Learn more about Jennifer, getting comfortable with fear and becoming an authentic leader.

"Forgive yourself for not being perfect at everything."

Jeanne Bliss, President, Customer Bliss

Learn more about Jeanne, feeling overwhelmed, and dealing with stress.

"I study hard so I can take calculated risks or, when I don’t have time to calculate, educated risks."

Kari Mar, Experience Design Lead, Avanade Inc.


Learn more about Kari, developing confidence and reinventing yourself.

"Have confidence in your ideas and the ability to create whatever you wish in your life."

Ayla Annac, CEO, President, Co-Founder, InvivoSciences® Inc.

Learn more about Aylaself-empowerment, and feeling confident.

"Even if you do everything right, at some point you will encounter the bullies of the work world and will be treated unfairly. Regardless of any such obstacle, if you always work hard, and keep your integrity intact, you will make your own future."

Barbara Lewnowski,CEO, Vertose Company Limited

Learn more about Barbaramaintaining your integrity, and combatting obstacles at work.

"Don't judge yourself or anyone else too harshly. Any mistakes will shape you and create the serendipity of the path that's about to unfold for you."

Courtney Feider, Founder, Adrian + Sabine

Learn more about Courtneylearning from mistakes, and trusting your path.

"Being different is O.K... Differences matter and they are even an asset to leverage."

Karyn Twaronite, Partner and EY Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer

Learn more about Karynleveraging your differences, and the power of being yourself.

"Soak it all in. Have confidence in yourself, and always have trust in your preparation. Most importantly, keep imagining."

Michelle Selesky Giuda, Former UCLA Gymnastics Team Captain and Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Communications for Weber Shandwick

Learn more about Michelleself-confidence, and the power of imagination.

"Don’t be afraid or embarrassed by what you don’t know – own it. Find the experts, ask questions, be transparent in your curiosity and your need for more knowledge."

Mary Murrin, Social Investment Team Lead, Appalachia Partnership Initiative, Chevron U.S.A., North America Exploration and Production Company

Learn more about Mary, owning your flaws, and asking questions

"Move forward in spite of the fears and inner doubt."

Kim Ann Curtin, Founder and CEO of The Wall Street Coach

Learn more about Kim, taking that leap, and why you should stop apologizing for doing so.

"Be more confident. Self-efficacy impacts so many things that make us who we are today: our first impressions, our body language, and our verbal communication."

Maurya Couvares, Co-Founder and Executive Director, ScriptEd, Inc.

Learn more about Mauryafirst impressions, and how to carry yourself with confidence.

"There is no need to compete with anyone else... Keep raising the bar for yourself and don't pay attention to everyone else."

Bridget Williams, Sales Executive, AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLC

Learn more about Bridgetself-confidence, and being your own competition

“Learn to ignore that annoying voice inside all of us that says ‘you can't do this.’”

Coco Meers, CEO and Founder, PrettyQuick

Learn more about Cocopositive self talk, and avoiding negativity.

"When you believe in yourself and have erased all the critical voices, you can get what you want."

Emily Filloramo, Be More Extraordinary Academy

Learn more about Emily, how to be more confident and convincing and communicate effectively.

"Do everything you can to drill down and identify the fears driving not only your actions but also the fears that affect other’s actions as well. Exposing and defining these fears is the only way to empower oneself."

Wendy Merrill, Chief Rainmaker, StrategyHorse Consulting Group

Learn more about Wendybeing fearless and being self-aware.

"If there’s something you want to do, just do it. Don't make excuses and don't let yourself get discouraged."

Vivian Rabin, co-founder of iRelaunch

Learn more about Vivian, how to speak up and not get discouraged by the naysayers

"You can't worry about whether or not every idea will succeed. You must pursue your ideas with passion and conviction."

Ann Pollina, Head of School, Westover School

Learn more about Ann, being fearless and and investing in your confidence

"Get more comfortable in taking calculated risks, though not all risks are created equal. Great, otherwise unforeseen, opportunities often come from risk-taking."

Nava Yeshoalul, Staffing Business Partner, Google

Learn more about Navaexploring opportunities and taking risks.

"Be assertive, confident and secure in what you bring in talent, and skill experience."

Leticia Martinez, Senior Manager, Grant- Thornton, Public Sector, Texas

Learn more about Leticiaassertiveness and communicating what you bring to the table.

"Get over your discomfort about sales and public speaking fast - every business has to get good at sales."

Elizabeth Sullivan, CEO, Love Mentor

Learn more about Elizabethpublic speaking and making sales a priority.

"Do not pay attention to the naysayers because most of them have no clue what it’s like to take risks. Dream big and trust your instinct."

Kedma Ough, Business Director, AVITA

Learn more about Kedma, taking risks and staying positive.

"When you’re on stage you need to be bigger than life - so confidence is key. Wear what makes you feel like you can conquer the world."

Lee Heyward, CEO, Style With Lee

Learn more about Lee, presenting yourself authentically and believing you can conquer the world.

"Be open. Don’t be afraid—risk/reward isn’t just a financial concept. Trust your instincts; you’ll learn from your mistakes."

Ellen Kinlin, Founder & President, The Kinlin Company

Learn more about Ellen, trusting your gut and learning from your mistakes.

"For presentations and meetings, practice. The greater comfort you have with your content, the more relaxed you will be when it is time to present. You’ll also make it easier to focus on your audience."

Meghan Dotter, Principal, Portico, LLC

Learn more about Meghan, preparing for big presentations and being authentic the whole time.

"Know your material well enough so you can present anytime and anywhere."

Scarlett DeBease, President, Scarlett Image

Learn more about Scarlett, being prepared and winning over your audience.

"Even if you do everything right leading up to an interview, when it comes to the actual interview, there are things you might do that can sabotage yourself and cause interviewers to form negative opinions, which can potentially take you out of the consideration set for the position you’re seeking – even if you are a perfect candidate."

Alyssa Gelbard, Founder and President, Resume Strategiests Inc.

Learn more about Alyssa, prepping for the interview and giving the right impression.

"With job security being a thing of the past and a low likelihood of breaking through the corporate glass ceiling, controlling their own destiny is alluring for many [women]."

Geri Stengel, President, Ventureneer

Learn more about Geri, women in entrepreneurship and strategies to start your own business.

"Approach your next negotiation with skill and confidence by setting goals, preparing and practicing. Not all negotiations may work in your favor, but creating a habit of asking can increase your earnings significantly."

Belma McCaffrey, Senior Business Development Consultant, Associated Press

Learn more about Belma, negotiating effectively and your relationship with money.

"I came to understand that fear, that flip in my stomach, was – and still is – a signal to take action, show up, speak up, stand up!"

Charlotte Beyer, President, Principle Quest Foundation

Learn more about Charlotte, owning your voice and listening to your intuition.

"Don’t be so afraid to ask. I could have been achieved more if I had known my questions wouldn’t necessarily be a burden but actually received as a compliment."

Stacy Kim, Founder, Life Junctions, LLC

Learn more about Stacy, the importance of asking and advocating for yourself.

"Start your own business much earlier on. Failure doesn't really exist, it's just a matter of perspective."

Sumeera Rasul, Founder/ CEO of Madesmith

Learn more about Sumeera, her company Madesmith, and starting your own business.

"Go for new experiences and take risks. If you don’t stumble on the way, you aren’t stretching yourself enough."

Diem Nguyen, General Manager, Biosimilars and US Brands for Global Established Products, Pfizer

Learn more about Diem, taking risks and making mistakes.