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Feel like you’re at a crossroads? Ellevate 101 introduces you to the community that can give you a career kickstart.

We’ll walk you through some light intros and give you space to connect about shared career experiences. You’ll also learn how to use your Ellevate program to continuously make moves towards success at work.

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Member Advice: Secrets to Success

Member Advice: Secrets to Success

"If you look at the complete story of anyone, you will find obstacles and setbacks. How you react differentiates how successful you will be."

Lisa Cochran, VP, Payments & Commerce Technology and Customer Care Operations, Softcard

Learn more about Lisa, resilience and learning from others.

"Try to create a more balanced personal and professional life and don't sweat the small (and big) stuff."

Melissa Means, Managing Director, Pearl Meyer

Learn more about Melissa, creating a balanced life and keeping things in perspective.

"My career is important. But my drive and ambition are now also focused on what is best for me. I no longer participate in face time or prioritize work before sleep, kids, and family commitments."

Elin Cherry, Principal, Head of Capital Markets Practice, CRC

Learn more about Elin, life after being fired and prioritizing.

"Working 24-7 is not a badge of honor. In fact, taking time for yourself, family and general relaxation makes you a more creative and energized businesswoman."

Sara Gragnolati, Founder/ CEO, Cocomama Foods

Learn more about Sara, taking time for yourself and being a creative businesswoman.

"Set boundaries early on in your professional life. Don't try to be all things to all people, that is clearly impossible."

Smaiyra Million, Operating Partner, Highland Capital Partners

Learn more about Smaiyra, setting boundaries and having realistic expectations for yourself.

"Do your best to be extra patient and kind to yourself when you’re struggling and don’t hesitate to reach out to others for support as well."

Dara Goldberg, President, Métier Consulting

Learn more about Dara, staying true to your values and reaching out.

“Don’t take anything personally. Be proactive about your career and keep abreast of new technology. Have a backup plan and a vision for where you want to be.”

Shannon Wilkinson, Founder & CEO, Reputation Communications

Learn more about Shannon, keeping abreast of new technology and having vision.

"Don’t be afraid, reach out and talk to the right people. The right people are those that you admire or you can learn from. The best of us never stop learning."

Amy Lynch, Founder and President, FrontLine Compliance, LLC

Learn more about Amy, reaching out and lifelong learning.

"Failure leads to success, you have nothing to lose. We only have one life we know of, so why not give it your all?"

Heather Terry, Founder & COO of NibMor, Inc.

Learn more about Heather, failure and remaining positive.