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Member Advice: Money

Member Advice: Money

Learn more about Bettystrategizing your cash flow, and becoming financially stable

Learn more about Meg, how to invest prudently and the benefits of planning.

Learn more about Lynne, asking for a raise, and knowing your self-worth.

Learn more about Ariel, having a plan when it comes to finances, and getting financial business advice.

Learn more about Karen, managing your personal wealth and understanding money in business.

Learn more about Deborah, the proper steps to invest, and the conversations you should have with your financial advisor.

Learn more about Katie, managing debt, and investing in yourself.

Learn more about Teresa, having a positive relationship with money and getting rid of fear.

Learn more about Julie, how to save for retirement, and understanding your value.

Learn more about Pamela, advice on getting a raise, and how to have difficult conversations.

Learn more about Ashleysaving and having it add up to afford doing what you want.

Learn more about Karen, discovering that money isn't the root of happiness.

Learn more about Manon, budgeting your money and organizing your finances.

Learn more about Lena, financial freedom and finding meaning at work

Learn more about Pamela, asking for a raise and bragging appropriately.

Learn more about Deepali, working smarter and getting the results you're looking for.

Learn more about Julie, getting a promotion and discovering your personal power.

Learn more about Deborah, preventing money from defining you, and spending wisely.

Learn more about Zeynep, money as a tool and how to make it work to your advantage.

Learn more about Susan, using money wisely and not letting it define us.

Learn more about Kathryn, educating yourself about money and thinking long-term.

Learn more about Deborah, retirement and your money.

Learn more about Stephanie, defining what matters to you and budgeting for a prosperous life.

Learn more about Nanatips for managing money, and  setting goals.

Learn more about Karina, investing in yourself and recognizing your own value.

"Don't let having or not having money stop you from taking career or personal risks...Sometimes you have to jump first for the net to appear."

Kim Ann Curtin,CEO and Founder, The Wall Street Coach

Learn more about Kim, taking risks and defining success beyond money.

"Open a retirement account the day you get your first full-time job. Deposit something, no matter how little, every month. It seems trivial when you’re 25. And will be brilliant when you’re 65."

Mary Murrin, Social Investment Team Lead, Chevron

Learn more about Mary, planning for retirement and being smart with budgeting.

"Quitting plans, projects, programs and pathways that aren't serving you any longer is incredibly liberating."

Manisha Thakor, Director of Wealth Strategies for Women, Buckingham & The BAM Founder & CEO, MoneyZen Wealth Management

Learn more about Manisha, knowing when to quit, and how to feel financially liberated.

"Money is fuel. It can help you achieve what you want in life... and with that comes freedom in how you live your life and the impact you can make."

Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer, M&T Bank, M&T Bank

Learn more about Allison, how to negotiate your next salary, and make a difference with your raise.

"I really, really believe in sharing real numbers. It helps other women immeasurably. Half of everybody everywhere is faking it, so it’s super helpful to know...that your coworker makes $15,000 more than you do and that you should negotiate a raise ASAP."

Jennifer Dziura, founder of GetBullish

Learn more about Jenniferasking for a raise, and sharing real numbers.

"Find a way to take every mind-blowing opportunity that comes your way. You will find a way to pay for it. You will find a way to make it pay you back."

Kari Mar, Experience Design Lead, Avande

Learn more about Kari, taking advantage of opportunity and making money with your passion.

"You don’t have to trade fulfillment for financial reward."

Caroline Ceniza-Levine, Founding partner, SixFigureStart

Learn more about Caroline, maximizing your success and taking control of your career

"Pay yourself first. It takes money to make money. And don’t be cheap – when you try to do things cheaply to “get by,” you always end up spending more money in the end!"

Nanette Miner, CEO, The Training Doctor

Learn more about Nanette, creating money strategies and being smart about your finances.

"Worrying about not having money is a complete waste of time. Focus on the job and the success is satisfaction and money."

Maureen Brooks, CEO, Brooks and Spaulding

Learn more about Maureen, defining success for yourself and money.

"Approach your next negotiation with skill and confidence by setting goals, preparing and practicing. Not all negotiations may work in your favor, but creating a habit of asking can increase your earnings significantly."

Belma McCaffrey, Senior Business Development Consultant, Associated Press

Learn more about Belma, negotiating effectively and your relationship with money.

"It’s dangerous to allow money to be the measure of your career or worth, but you need to be sure you don’t price your product or yourself below the market."

Dara Lamb, CEO, Founder of DARA LAMB Custom Clothing

Learn more about Dara, money and knowing your worth.

"The minute money becomes just money and you don’t worry too much about it, things then have a way of working themselves out for the best."

Michelle Furyaka, CEO, NPD Global, Inc.

Learn more about Michelle, money and things working out for the best.

"I’ve learned that while money is very important, there needs to be balance."

Victoria Rotante, Principle, Impera Executive Recruiters

Learn more about Victoria, finding balance and money.


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