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4 women lined up supporting each other

Trending: March 13th, 2015

Trending: March 13th, 2015

Read popular articles from the web all in one place. This week Hillary Clinton, Patricia Arquette and Ellevate Network's Sallie Krawcheck spoke at the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles Annual Event in New York City, reminding us that investing in women is a smart economic move. Germany put it into law that 30% of board seats must be occupied by women, putting pressure on the rest of the globe to take action. Uber teamed up with the UN to commit to employing 1 million female drivers by 2020, Ashton Kutcher asked where the changing tables are in men’s restrooms, and Frozen 2 is officially a go. We also learned how long it will take each state to completely eliminate the gender wage gap, and learned more about how men are getting involved in #LeanInTogether and #HeForShe.

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