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5 Quick Tips To Getting Engaged At Work

5 Quick Tips To Getting Engaged At Work

Gallup’s 142-country study in 2012 on the State of the Global Workplace found that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their work. Yikes!

I absolutely hate hearing statistics like that. Life is short, and we spend an incredible amount of our lives in something work related. We need to happy it up.

Yet every day we see people schlep to and from their jobs, shuffle around the office with no energy or enthusiasm, and habitually grab some calorie-packed, hormone-infused, fast food for lunch, often scarfing it down at their desks. 

Sound familiar? Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of happy, that’s for sure.

Find the spring in YOUR step.
The good news is, more and more employees are beginning to look for new opportunities, hopefully ones that will put a little more spring in their step and dollars in their pockets. That’s a sign of an improving economy — when more people are willing to step out from the comfort of steady and known employment to test the waters elsewhere.

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Your step can start springing, too.
But for everyone else, you CAN get unstuck in your current job and develop a spring in your step because you are happy and engaged. This process can be triggered from within, from without and preferably both.

Here are five quick tips how:

1) Identify the source of disengagement. This is critical because too often we let one little negativity bleed into other areas and make us feel like everything is bad. Only by successfully isolating the troubling factor, can we attempt to fix it.

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2) Once you have this identified, see if it is something that you can address with your boss, HR director or even wellness director. Maybe a conversation is all that’s needed to make a key tweak.

3) If that’s not possible, it’s up to you to find your inner source of engagement. How? By knowing what your own mission statement and goals are; by identifying what you can learn from this job, how you can improve it, and how and where you can find professional development to add to your toolkit so you can do this job better.

4) It is also possible to find more meaning at work when other aspects of your life are happier, more balanced and enriched. Survey the other parts of your life and see how they are doing. Just as one problem at work can bleed into other areas, one problem in life can bleed into all the other aspects of your life.

5) Enlist the guidance and support of a success coach, career coach or sage mentor can also be of incredible value. This individual can cheer you on, let you vent and help you navigate you as you discover your inner answers and next steps.

Let’s get engaged!
These quick tips work; I know because I’ve implemented them all and I absolutely love what I do. Never, ever before the morning person, I now can’t wait to get up, workout, meditate and get working. And you can, too!


Author: Maria Katrien Heslin, Owner of Independent George LLC and Founder of Business Boostcamp,, @boostcampbuzz

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