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Doable Tip of the Week: Logging Your Worth at Work

Doable Tip of the Week: Logging Your Worth at Work

How often has it come time for your annual review and you sit down to prep for it and blank on all of the amazing projects, accolades and progress you’ve made in the last year? If you said, ‘often’, you’re not alone. Rarely do people take the time to make note of what’s happened in their career throughout the year, and so when it comes time to ask for that salary bump or that promotion, there’s a lot of racking your brain to figure it out.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Keep a career journal (like an old school hard copy journal you can touch) or a soft copy word document of stories, incidents, praise and more.

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Items you should consider noting in these journal entries:

  • When it occurred
  • Who was involved (specific names and whether or not they were a manager, executive, peer, direct report, client/customer)
  • What the scope and mandate of the project was, if applicable
  • What you achieved and how
  • Response from those involved
  • Outcome for company (Be specific here! Did your cost savings add 40% to the bottom line? Did your sales skills enlist 10 new companies with contracts over $10million to the company’s books and client base?)
  • Recommendations: Make note of the accolades/praise you may have received and ask for a LinkedIn recommendation on the spot. Then you can refer to those easily by going to your LI profile (or bringing your manager there) to use those for your review.

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If you do this in real time, your annual review prep and meeting will be a cinch! An added bonus is, if you have this all documented and written down, you can strategically remind your manager of these things in the lead up to the annual review (maybe a month or a couple of weeks prior, during your weekly meeting), so you’re priming them and prepping them for your ask, which you will be able to easily back up with fact. Go you!

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