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Re-defining Your Glass Ceiling

Re-defining Your Glass Ceiling

Let me ask you a question: do you believe there is a glass ceiling where you work?If you answered yes, you believe there is a glass ceiling at your employment, (1) what is the evidence of said ceiling beyond the lack of women being promoted? (2) What are you doing about it? And (3) Why are you still there? I am not saying there is no glass ceiling, as there are organizations that hold women back from advancing. However, I argue the few organizations that have a “glass ceiling” effectively do so unconsciously. Companies are desperate to hire female CEOs. We hold the financial purse strings in the United States; thus, it makes strong business sense. We need to redefine what the glass ceiling is

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Community Discussion
Kati Machtley
Kati Machtley

Concise and to the point. Practical advice for those who feel that they are held back by a "glass ceiling." Enjoyed having you at the Bryant U. Women's Summit this year.

Friday, Apr 17 11:18 AM EDT