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​Spark Your Brand – Discover, Define, Design, & Deliver

​Spark Your Brand – Discover, Define, Design, & Deliver

For you to spark in today’s marketplace, you must become a valued brand. That brand is you. What will bring value (spark) to my brand? What is my story, and how do I tell it? I don’t know how to explain what I do. One of the questions I hear the most - What is branding?

Branding is more than a logo, website or business card. It is what you are known for and how you make people feel after interacting with you. Your brand is your voice; it is how you tell your story. It is your opportunity to create something with lasting impact. It is what makes you memorable and it is absolutely essential to your success.

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Branding is about knowing what you stand for and how you communicate your values, unique skills, strengths, talents, and character. As women, entrepreneurs, and professionals it can be challenging when it comes to boldly showing the world who you are personally and professionally. You are the author of your story, how you write it is up to you.

Add spark! Before you go to market, you must go through the discovery phase. You think everyone understands you, as you do—but they don’t. And that’s why you need to define an effective brand message. This will give you clarity, so you can communicate exactly, and concisely what you stand for, allowing you to capitalize on new opportunities. Your brand is your story, and if you can’t tell it, then nobody can.

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Discover who you are through self-assessment (ask yourself the tough questions). Define your discoveries – reach out to your inner circle and find out what others see as your greatest strengths and talents. Then design an action plan to maximize your strengths. 

Clarissa J. Sparks, Founder of She Sparks Coaching + Brand Consulting is a brand consultant, creative director and personal development coach. With 10 + years of experience in branding, marketing, and outreach campaigns, she is highly regarded for her ability to select the words, images and packaging that give brands spark. #shesparksatl

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