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​Four Key Steps to Creating a Holistic Success Life Plan

​Four Key Steps to Creating a Holistic Success Life Plan

by Christine Condon

Ekene Onu--former pharmacist turned positive life coach and planner--addressed Ellevate Network to show professional women how to build a holistic life plan. She offers advice on finding a life that you can feel joyful and successful in--in four key steps.

Step 1: Get to know yourself.

The advice sounds simple, but it's something everyone really needs to do to build their life plan. Onu tells us to "Meet your truest and authentic self." Do this by giving yourself quiet time, meditate and do journaling. Onu recommends fasting--not from food--but from TV and social invitations. Look deep within. Onu says women are socialized to be pleasers. You are busy mirroring and doing the right thing, rather than focusing on what on what you really want to do. To break free of this, she says, “Have a girlfriend moment with your soul.” Give yourself time to hear your own voice. Separate your ego from yourself. Step back and use yourself to see who you are and set your goals and objectives.

Set authentic goals. Be deliberate at looking at your life plan. Ask yourself, "Is this true to who I am or am I trying to live up to others’ expectations?" Be open and engage. Don’t zone out.

Onu also tells us to minimize the red flags and find more green lights in life. Red flags represent anxiety and sadness. Ask yourself what brings this on? What drains you when you think about doing it? Green lights represent things you should be seeking out in your life. What do people come to you the most for? What makes you come alive? What makes you a good tired, which is tired but spiritually energized?

“Your life’s journey is not finding yourself out there, it is uncovering the light you are in here,” says Onu.

Step 2: Getting in the flow.

Your flow is your unique personal culture. Are you a morning or a night person? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Flow is about how you do what you do. It’s about figuring out the best, most fabulous, comfortable and productive way to get where you want to go.

To understand your flow or culture: move from self consciousness to self awareness. Awareness is knowing your strengths and weaknesses, owning it and using it to your advantage. Own your magic and your sparkle. Create a conducive environment to thrive. Does a certain work culture align with who you are and where you thrive?

Onu talks about evolving vs. being stuck. To evolve, develop a growth mindset. Look for every opportunity to grow and become better. A stuck mindset uses everything as an excuse not to change.

Step 3: Practice Refresh Rituals

Radical self care lets you create fuel to give yourself energy. Self care is non negotiable. It’s not about looking healthy or even just being physically healthy. It’s about living a well balanced, full and joyful life--and it means having a purpose in life.

Pay attention to your body, emotions and energy level. Monitor your input because it determines output. Eat as well as possible and move as often as possible. Make fun and passion a priority, not a "maybe if I have time."

Step 4: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." --African proverb.

Create a community of power--and make a diverse community. Find people who are ready, willing and able to help you become your best self. Be available to do the same for others. Have an abundance mentality. Be intentional about who you spend time with.

Onu leaves us with this empowering statement: "The best way to predict your future is to create it. Visualize yourself living a life where you feel free, powerful, beautiful and where anything is possible.”