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Ellevate Essentials: How to Increase Employee Engagement

Ellevate Essentials: How to Increase Employee Engagement

How to Increase Employee Engagement According to recent studies, 88% of employees don't have passion for their work. Having disengaged employees can cost your company real money. In fact, employee disengagement is estimated to cost the US $500 billion per year. But how can you avoid this problem?  Listen to this podcast and learn a few tips you could try. Best, Sallie KrawcheckRelated Resources Keeping employees engaged will save you money. The resources below will help you learn how engage your employees and boost their productivity. Suzanne Grimes, COO of Clear Channel Outdoor, pushes back against traditional mentorship models and urges you to find a reverse mentorship. Z

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Ayse Zeynep Saka (Zeynep)

Thank you for this podcast. Another way to approach the problem could be permitting your employees to volunteer their time with a another industry/function, which would also help them to increase their skill set and obtain an open mind to the positive changes that are happening in other sectors, which then can be implemented in your company. gives experienced people the opportunity to engage with companies of different backgrounds on a temporary basis for the purpose of mutual learning.

December 12, 2016