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Win the Moment Online: Advice from Twitter’s Head of Content Planning

Win the Moment Online: Advice from Twitter’s Head of Content Planning

By Christine Condon

Twitter users generate one BILLION tweets every other day. That's just one of the stats Twitter's Head of Content Planning, Stacy Minero, shared at the Ellevate Network Jam Session, “Online Content Marketing.” She offers up Twitter facts and best practices that can be applied to your other marcom efforts--and she gives the best advice on winning the moment.

Twitter Stats You’ve Got to Read

Mobile capabilities have doubled the amount of time we spend online. We unlock our phones 110 times a day or more. Born as a mobile platform and designed as a way to do group texts at scale in a public way, today Twitter has 284 monthly users worldwide. There were 672 million tweets during World Cup 2014 and 14.7 million tweets around the Oscars in 2014.

With one billion tweets every 48 hours, Minero views these as signals of intent: “People tweet about their wants, their needs, their wishes, what they’re doing, feeling and sharing.” There are predictable patterns as well: There are 125 million tweets a year about being hungry/thirsty and 670 million “happy” tweets a year.

So Why Do People Come to Twitter?

They come for content discovery; people want to see what’s happening in their world or mobile community. People also want to make human connections. They want to connect with friends, family and the collective masses who share in events like the Oscars, Super Bowl, etc. And they come to Twitter for self expression--to tell people what they are thinking and feeling.

5 Ways to Win the Moment

1. Personalize and customize content. There are 57 million tweets on cats and 86 million tweets on dogs per year. Purina activated a conversation with a dog lover by creating a unique doodle on her dog’s photo and tweeting it back to her. In her elated response, the woman created a new hashtag the brand had not used before, “my #PurinaDog.” Minero calls out that “she never tweeted at Purina in the first place...and she tweets back a hashtag they’ve never one moment she goes from being a dog lover to a brand advocate. And that represents the power of having a dialogue on Twitter.”

2. Use the power of Vine and Twitter video. All lengths of a video do well on Twitter if content is good. Minero advises that the storytelling aspect of video is more important than length. She recommends uploading videos no longer than three minutes. Think about repeatable formats. How can you create something that will last not just a day but a year or two?

3. Design Participation. Encourage your audience to take part in something. Minero says, “It’s the notion of moving from viewing to doing. Instead of having people...see an image, get them to take action that helps them understand your value proposition.” Axe Body Spray did a #kissforpeace campaign that asked followers to tweet a photo of them kissing their sweetheart--and Axe would share it in Times Square. They had a 70% retweet rate and two billion media impressions.

4. Capitalize on Culture. A prime example of this is Arby’s tweet to Pharrell Williams: “Hey, @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? #GRAMMYs.” This timely post went viral when Pharrell tweeted back. Instead of letting this fall flat, Arby’s turned the moment into momentum. When Williams auctioned the hat off for charity, Arby’s bought it and supported a great cause. This was a springboard for them to do more social media marketing.

5. Engineer Discovery. You can help people discover content that’s relevant to them. Use Twitter Cards--photo cards, gallery cards, video and Vine to direct people to a website or to drive lead generation. From a targeting standpoint, you can send the right content to the right person in the right mindset.

When you see something trending, think about how you can leverage the content to get more traction, scale it to the masses and win the moment. You’ll up your content marketing game.