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Share Your Successes!

Share Your Successes!

At our anniversary party on June 17, members were invited to share their successes over the past year and how Ellevate has helped them accomplish their goals. Successes ranged from getting a raise to opening a new office to being inspired by fellow members. We also compiled a list of statistics from our recent survey showcasing what our members have been up to during the last year.

What is the big picture?

Congratulations! 68% of you got a raise. One third of you are working towards your next promotion. 32% of members were quoted as a thought leader in a notable publication. Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority (81%) of you are looking to get on a Board of Directors, and 18% of you were appointed to one this year. 78% of you support social causes, including education, women's issues, and the arts. Almost two-thirds of you signed up to continue your education.  

What did you have to say about Ellevate?

“It helped build my confidence to fight for what I wanted in my professional life.” - Jean-Marie

“I've met women with whom I've been able to discuss my goals and gotten clarity on how to achieve them.” -Vonetta 

“Ellevate has lead me to meet amazing women. I recently found a new job via and Ellevate contact, at I company I've wanted to work for, for 3 years!” -Anonymous

“The Jam Sessions help you think about things differently” -Elaina

“It helped me negotiate a salary increase and continually push my way up the ladder.” -Allison

Please join the conversation and add your successes in the comments below. We love to celebrate the great things our member are doing, so keep us in the loop!


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Allie Banwell

Love the board of successes! So stoked to be a part of this community

June 23, 2015

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