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Feel like you’re at a crossroads? Ellevate 101 introduces you to the community that can give you a career kickstart.

We’ll walk you through some light intros and give you space to connect about shared career experiences. You’ll also learn how to use your Ellevate program to continuously make moves towards success at work.

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Eat to Beat the 3pm Slump

Eat to Beat the 3pm Slump

It’s 3:00 pm, your concentration has plummeted and you feel like your mind has left the building. You need to get through the workday so you ravenously grab for something sweet or a quick caffeine boost to help you stay alert. Instead of relying on quick and unhealthy pick-me-ups that cause an even quicker energy drop, try including energy-rich foods in your diet to beat the afternoon slump.Slow-cooking oats: A healthy breakfast provides energy for your body after a nightlong fast and slow-cooking oats can help you get your day started right. This healthy grain is an excellent source of fiber to help regulate your blood sugar levels and keep your energy stable. Oats also have energy-rich nutr

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