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3 Social Media Tips for Your Job Hunt

3 Social Media Tips for Your Job Hunt

Looking for a job can be daunting. Whether you are currently employed, actively looking for your next job, or simply curious what other people do for work, social media can be an easy and discreet medium to explore other jobs. And there are several social media services online that can make your job hunt a successful one.

Below are three tips to look for a new opportunity via social media.

Learn to Love Twitter: Since Jack Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006, employers posting 140-character tweets has become the preferred way for employers to reach potential candidates from around the globe even before the job appears on the company's job board. If you're seeking to make a move in today's competitive job market, then be sure to leverage Twitter to your advantage by following companies like Ellevate Network (@EllevateNtwk) or The Muse (@dailymuse) for the latest career tips and job opportunities. You can even follow me on Twitter via @globalmoha.

Connect on LinkedIn: Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become one of the best social networking services for job seekers and employers to connect with one another. You can think of LinkedIn as your online resume. In fact, many recruiters now prefer to screen candidates by viewing their LinkedIn profile over their resume. If you don't have a LinkedIn account, do yourself a huge favor and register for one immediately. And then be sure to connect with your friends and colleagues - you can learn a lot from reading their profiles to uncover whether they have a job or work at a company that interests you. LinkedIn also has a job board where companies post open jobs - you can read job descriptions about nearly every type of role that interests you or even apply to job without your current employer knowing about it. To maintain a more discreet job hunt on LinkedIn, be sure to turn off your activity broadcasts so that your connections on LinkedIn do not see the updates you make to your profile.

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Write a Guest Post: Writing can be a wonderful outlet to showcase your expertise on a subject. Whether you are a consultant dreaming to enter the fashion industry or a lawyer itching to start a craft beer business, you can write your way to your next career goal. Fortunately, there are numerous blogs that welcome guest posts. You also can leverage self-publishing platforms on Ellevate Network or LinkedIn. For example, I recently wrote an article for Ellevate Network about my experience working at a startup entitled “3 Lessons Learned from Working at a Startup.” Many companies even accept submissions from industry leaders if the blog post aligns well with the company's mission and its blogging themes.

Whether you are an active or passive job seeker, leveraging social media can be a powerful and effective way to job hunt. And the three tips above will put you ahead of other job seekers who may be less savvy on social media. Lastly, remember to have fun during your job hunt because a good attitude goes a long way in finding an opportunity that is best for you.


Moha Shah managed projects worldwide at Harvard Business School for 10 years. She writes about leadership, women in business, and skills required in today’s global knowledge economy. Follow her on Twitter via @globalmoha.

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