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5 Signs You Need a Money Cleanse

5 Signs You Need a Money Cleanse

Summer is my favorite time of year. We get to enjoy long days full of sunshine, travel and celebrations. Not to mention summer Fridays. While the wonders of summer are great for the soul, they can be very stressful for the wallet. Weekends away, rooftop happy hours and events cost money. To make matters worse, we often don’t plan for these additional expenses, so our bank accounts get stretched thin. We start asking ourselves questions… How will I pay off my credit card this month? Can I still afford to take that trip I have planned? Where is all of my money going?!

If this sounds familiar, I have good news! A money cleanse might be exactly what you need to get your financial life back in order. If you’re not quite sure, here are five telltale signs you need a money cleanse.

You can’t seem to save enough.

You plan to put money aside each month but after all of your expenses, there’s nothing leftover to save. You might also have noticed that it really doesn’t matter how much more money you make; there’s never enough. As our incomes increase, our lifestyles creep up too. This leaves us with no money leftover to put towards our most important money goals.

Your spending feels out of control.

If your spending feels out of control, you are not alone. Especially in the summer, when the weather is nice, we want to be out and about enjoying time outside with our friends and family. This can lead to a steep increase in our expenses for dining out, events and other entertainment. We might not even know how much we are spending, but also don’t really want to check and find out.

You avoid budgeting like the plague.

I haven’t met many people who like the word "budget." You might even cringe or have a physical reaction when you hear the word. We think of restriction, lonely nights and internal struggles. No wonder we avoid it! I call budgets "happiness allocations" because they are just a way to figure out what’s going in and out so that we can allocate our money in the ways that make us the happiest. It’s a complete reframe and feels a whole lot better. Even more, it’s the truth!

Every expense makes you feel guilty.

Feeling guilty from every single expense you make is terrible! At the same time, it makes complete sense that you’d feel guilty when you have no idea what you should be spending in any given area. When you aren’t sure if you are over-spending or have enough money to spend on something and reach your goals, you’re going to feel guilty. Once you have a plan and know how much you want to be spending, you can spend that allocated amount guilt free! Don’t you feel a sigh of relief already?

You have big, awesome goals but also want to have fun NOW!

We all know we should be saving for our biggest long-term goals but it can feel like that directly conflicts with enjoying life now. Plan for the future or YOLO? How are we to choose? The good news is that you don’t have to! Maximizing your happiness per dollar for the near and long-term is about getting the most enjoyment from each dollar you spend now, so that you can put away the rest to save for your biggest goals and dreams. As you progress along your money journey, things will change and you’ll adjust so that your spending and saving stays aligned with you and what you want most.

If any of these signs sound like you, it’s time for a money cleanse. Go on a money cleanse with a group of friends by:

  • 1) Cutting out all frivolous spending
  • 2) Spending in all cash
  • 3) Writing down everything you spend and earn in a money journal

You can brainstorm ways to have fun for free or little cost and hold each other accountable. Plus, everything is better with friends! If you are looking for more structure, step-by-step instructions, accountability and a support network as you go through this process, join me for my 30 Day Money Cleanse. After the 30 days, you’ll walk away with a plan that works with your lifestyle, doesn’t feel restricting, and puts you on track to achieve your biggest goals. The program is now all via video so you get to work at your own pace.


Ashley Feinstein Gerstley founded Knowing Your Worth where she works as a money coach. Ashley demystifies the world of personal finance and money for her clients whether they are creating a financial plan, negotiating compensation or paying down student loans. Visit her website to learn more.

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