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Angel Investing - #InvestInGirls

Angel Investing - #InvestInGirls

There has been a lot of conversation of late of the need to increase the presence of women on corporate boards, in the VC and angel community, and in the ranks of high-tech entrepreneurs. Studies conducted by Catalyst and McKinsey have shown that having women in leadership is correlated with stronger financial returns. One argument I often hear is that girls are just not going into STEM or they are not 'risk takers', so it is really just a supply/demand mismatch which results in not having more women represented in these ranks. As important as it is to discuss these issues, it is even more important to do something about it. One of my favorite quotes is from Charles Rosner - 'If you're n

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Community Discussion
Sandra Holtzman

Great post. Especially sad (and telling) that Malala was not awarded the Nobel prize.

October 12, 2013