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Girl Scouts CEO On The Importance Of Opportunities For Girls

Girl Scouts CEO On The Importance Of Opportunities For Girls

Ellevate Network recently hosted a day of girls’ empowerment in New York City with Strawberry Shortcake, L’Oreal USA and the Girls Scouts of Greater New York.

It was a day of fireside chats where Girl Scouts posed questions to leading professional women about the state of girls today and in the future.

One of the speakers was the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, Barbara Murphy-Warrington. She provides leadership for growth and development for the Girl Scouts in all five boroughs of New York City.

During her chat she talked about why being able to practice being a leader is important for girls and how opportunity is the biggest barrier to success.

Why Leadership Is Important

There isn’t any activity in life that doesn’t require some form of leadership. The research the Girl Scouts have done shows that girls think leadership is important.

Surprisingly, though, a lot of girls don’t want to lead and they think that it is easier to be a follower. They may receive negative messages about their ability to lead. They see few senior women at the top of corporations, even though we know that when companies have diverse leadership, they outperform companies that don’t. And so there are a lot of things getting in the way of girls pursuing leadership.

The Most Common Obstacles Young Girls Face

Girls can lack self confidence They might have poor self image because the media projects negative self images. They also have few role models.

Girls need opportunities to practice leadership in a safe place, to learn how to fail and then to succeed. The Girl Scouts are all about that: providing girls with role models and experiences. They are getting experience to lead every day so they are well-equipped when they step out into the world.

The Importance Of Creating Future Leaders

The largest challenges come in opportunity. The opportunities may not be there for some girls.

The other challenges are the ones that come from within us, not having the confidence to go into a situation and address it even if you feel insecure about it.

A lot of women and girls are moving forward, but not all. Sometimes it’s because of race or because of poverty. There are girls who are facing issues and challenges for basic needs such as health care and education and after school activities. The challenges are very different and the question becomes, “How do we work together to help overcome these obstacles?”

The Biggest Obstacles She Faced When Growing Up

The biggest obstacle Barbara says she faced was the lack of a role model. Barbara grew up in the Midwest and says she was being routed into being a secretary, even though she was good at science and math. She says she wasn’t receiving the positive messages that she needed. Luckily, she had a fearless mother who made sure that she had the opportunities to explore and learn.