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Fever, Failure, and Forgiveness

Fever, Failure, and Forgiveness

There I was, at 3:07 in the afternoon, my makeup washed away and feeling as though my brain had left my body. My mind rarely stops racing... which likely attributed to what got me into this mess. I was now on week 3 of feeling like utter crap. I was still keeping hope alive, thinking that somehow my self-imposed “mind over body” campaign would triumph... but, alas, no such luck. I couldn’t seem to shake a 100+ degree temp or a horrible cough. Everything hurt, down to my fingernails.And then came the tears, an unending stream of guilt-laden, frustrated tears. Tears from feeling as though a Mack Truck had run over my body while wrecking my immediate future.I have always taken good care of mysel

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