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The Frying Game: On Vocal Fry and Sexist Feedback

The Frying Game: On Vocal Fry and Sexist Feedback

If you are a woman in the workplace, you may have read or heard that vocal fry (or upspeak, or sexy baby voice) is holding you back. You may have been told you need to fix this in order to be competitive. You may also have noticed men using it too–and wondered where those articles are. (FYI- 'How Things Work' recently did a very well balanced podcast on the topic. We recommend listening.)In our experience as vocal coaches, the same way that young women are criticized for work/life balance, workplace demeanor, and even (if you can believe it) working too hard, young women are disproportionately criticized for their voices.We want to say to you unequivocally: You do not need to be fixed. That b

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