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Feeling Invisible At Work? Three Ways To Show Up And Get Noticed

Feeling Invisible At Work? Three Ways To Show Up And Get Noticed

You know that your talents and skills are top notch, yet somehow you feel invisible to the higher ups at work. When you’re not producing excellent work at your desk but rather participating in the more public, social aspects of your job, do you feel like your boss somehow isn’t seeing you? Does that lack of visibility then end up making you feel undervalued at work?

How willing are you to be seen? Let’s take a look at a few strategies to help you counteract what appears to be a lack of presence.

1. Be There (Or Be Square?)

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This may sound obvious but at meetings and company get-togethers, whether it’s a formal setting or a casual discussion, you need to decide to be fully present. Do you find yourself edging away from the center, standing near the wall or sitting in the back? We might call that wallflower behavior. Even if you don’t consider yourself shy or an introvert, you might have experienced this.

Being in wallflower mode means you’ve already mentally checked out. By the way, I used to do this too. When I felt like I wasn’t valued or heard, I realized later I’d been sitting towards the back of the room, away from the speaker or close to the door for an easy escape route. I wouldn’t speak to or even approach influencers. I was afraid to be seen. I was afraid I might say something stupid.

2. You Are Important

If you recognize yourself in that scenario, you are behaving in ways that people who feel important don’t behave. Take a deep breath, then visualize what actions a vital, respected person would take, and then take them.

Act as if you already are the person that you want to be.

When you appreciate your own gifts, you’ll sit in the front row in a key position, speak up, ask high quality questions or stand up tall. Here’s an idea to try out: imagine you’re a well-known speaker with thousands of clients gathered for a powerful intensive or a CEO in front of thousands of managers at an annual leadership summit. How would your body language and emotional state change? Speak from that place and assume your contribution will be received as important by your audience.

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3. Show Your Confidence

Can something as mundane as what you wear serve to help you become more present, visible and properly valued? Actually, yes, it can. Are you wearing darker colors? You might consider wearing brighter colors, nice shirts, a smart suit, lipstick, and for the guys, attentive grooming.

Visualize yourself as confident. What type of leader do you want to be and how would that leader look? Take actions as if you were that person already and dress the part.

I remind my clients that there’s nothing really new to learn. It’s not about adding new skills, it’s about your mindset. You are already enough just the way you are.

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Community Discussion
Kerry Cordero
Kerry Cordero

Great article Nozomi Morgan! Your comment on dressing as a means of reminding yourself and others that you are important, present and top-notch is priceless. I tell all my clients to #dresslikeyoumeanit and you'll show up that way for all that you do. Have a great day! -Kerry Cordero, AICI FIT, The First Look Image

Friday, Aug 18 9:17 AM EDT