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New Year, Big Career Plans

New Year, Big Career Plans

It’s a New Year and you’ve got big plans for yourself. We recently asked Ellevate Members what were their predictions for themselves in 2016, and we were impressed by the results.

Most members (35%) want to grow their network or get a new job in the New Year, which is a great combination. Members always tell us that they get many of their job leads via networking, so going out to events and meeting people is a great way to make sure you’re on people’s radar when plum roles pop up.

Investing wisely was another priority for members, and rightly so. Our friends at Ellevest are working hard to close the gender investment gap. Women live longer than men and take more career breaks, so having a strong financial plan is paramount. They recently explained why keeping cash isn’t a great idea, and why investing your money will reap you more rewards in the long run.

Big goals are important, but sometimes a small adjustment is all you need to see change. Career satisfaction sometimes doesn’t come from drastic moves.

As member Joann told us, “I invested the energy I was putting into job hunting back into my work and discovered another set of skills to use right where I work, live and play. A single solution - get away - wasn't the right answer for me at the end of 2015 and the start of 2016. A holistic approach to change is an option. Give it a test.”


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