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Ellevate Members Offer Tips For Succeeding In The New Year

Ellevate Members Offer Tips For Succeeding In The New Year

In a recent Jam Session, Ellevate Network President Kristy Wallace offered a step-by-step guide to setting and reaching a goal in 2016 -- no matter how lofty.

During the talk, three Ellevate members offered their own advice for getting ahead in 2016.

1. Get Your Friends On Board 

Vanessa Chan, Founder at

Set yourself a fantastic 2016 goal. Then find a few close girlfriends to share them with. This ends up being a win-win situation because when the ups/down come you have someone to celebrate/commiserate with.

2. Clean Up Your Calendar

Bobbi Rebell Kaufman, Reuters TV Anchor, Columnist, and Author, How to be a Financial Grownup (October 2016)

Start saying “no” so you can say “yes” more. Try to start turning down invitations that won’t help you achieve your goals. Too often we let our calendars get cluttered with various events and obligations, and then either don’t have time, or are too tired to go to new kinds of events that will expand our network, increase our knowledge, and help us achieve our goals.

3. Live below your means 

Jessica Shortall, Author, Work. Pump. Repeat.

Whatever you think you'll earn, spend less than that. If you think you might get a bonus, don't count that as income until it's in the bank. "Bonus" means bonus! 

Why such boring advice? Because living at or above your means is the strongest set of handcuffs in the world. If you need your full income (meaning, you spend all of it), you will be much less likely to take risks this year, simply because you don't think you can afford to.


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