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What's the One Piece of Advice You'd Tell Your Younger Self?

What's the One Piece of Advice You'd Tell Your Younger Self?

They say hindsight is 20/20; if only we knew then what we know now. In last week's poll, we asked members to share the one piece of advice they would give their younger self. Here are some of our favorite answers.

On perseverance:

"If you think that your contribution, talent and commitment deserve a recognition/promotion, ask for it clearly and honestly. Don't wait for others to realize how good you are."

"The true test to guide your actions is to be able to look yourself in the mirror and know that you did the right thing. Hold yourself accountable for your actions; don't let others do it for you."

"When you have an idea, be passionate about it and get your voice or product out there. Do not allow fear of failure hold you back from expressing yourself creatively."

On professional relationships:

"Spend time building both personal and strategic relationships. Success is a result of your relationships."

"Leadership is a team sport. Have fun on the field!"

"Realize that you are not alone in your experience as a young woman in the workforce. Try and connect with someone in a similar situation so that you can share your frustrations as well as achievements."

On ignoring the naysayers:

"Don't compare yourself to others. Your strengths and weaknesses are your own, and you have your own path to pave. Enjoy the ride without looking at how others are paving their way."

"Find your voice and don't be afraid to use it."

"Don't be so worried about what others think of you; don't determine your path based on what you think others expect."

On conquering your fears:

"Too many women say no as they doubt their own capability. Lean in and seize opportunities."

"Fail forward with enthusiasm."

"Let life unfold, surprises and all, and your true skills will shine through."