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Nearly half of Ellevate Members think negatively of perks like egg freezing.

Nearly half of Ellevate Members think negatively of perks like egg freezing.

We asked our Ellevate members what they thought about company perks geared towards their female employees, like egg freezing and offering nannies on planes. These initiatives are meant to provide support for female employees... but do they really make a positive change for working women? 14% of members were undecided, and only 25% said yes, these perks make a difference. 

But, 12% of our members think it isn't enough of an effort. Women are looking for more support in the workplace when it comes to feeling like there is gender equality. The majority, 49%, believe these "perks" just add to the problem - expecting female employees to be all-access, all the time for their job, despite their responsibilities to their families

If you've found yourself struggling to keep a work/life balance, read more about how to  shift your thought process, and learn how else companies can help close the gender gap in business.

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