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What do you need to become a thought leader?

What do you need to become a thought leader?

Who comes to mind when you picture a thought leader? Someone who is famous in their field, someone who is vocal or prolific, someone who has deep subject matter expertise - or all three? 

We asked Ellevate Members what's necessary to "thought leadership," and you might be surprised by the results: 39% of members agree that being authentic is the most important thing you need to become a thought leader. Publishing content, social media activity, and speaking engagements are important, but members believe authenticity and ideas reign supreme. 

Many members weighed in from their experience:

The most important things you need to become a thought leader is the courage to to take action and the resilience to find a way to move forward while finding your voice and advocating for yourself in spite of any fear, uncertainty, self-doubt and rejection that you encounter along the way.

 Crucial to being or becoming a credible and sought after thought leader is striking a balance between a strong visible and accessible personal brand coupled with the experience and work, successful or otherwise to confirm your solid background in your area or industry. 

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