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98% of Ellevate members have worked in toxic work environments.

98% of Ellevate members have worked in toxic work environments.

Does it surprise you to learn that almost all Ellevate members have worked in toxic environments? Of 231 women surveyed, only four responded that they've avoided toxic jobs, either by luck or choice. While 73% of women said they've worked in a completely toxic environment, an additional 16% reported they've had a difficult boss and an additional 9% have had difficult colleagues. 

As anyone who has survived a toxic environment would expect, this topic struck a nerve with members. Many shared stories of working for 10, 20, or 30 years in jobs ruled by "fear, sexism, and insults."

Unsurprisingly, members also found a silver lining; they learned to manage diverse areas of the business, to deal with insults and injury, and how not to run their future workplaces.

I am saddened and comforted at the same time by the percentage of women who have been exposed to a toxic environment. My experience was such that it made me physically unwell. The silver lining, for me, was it directed me to Ellevate, to my Neurocoaching qualification and to taking control of my own destiny.

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