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Building Trust and Commitment in the Workplace

Building Trust and Commitment in the Workplace

Wouldn’t life be absolutely great if it weren’t for other people?

You spend many hours in your office, so getting along and working productively with your colleagues is very important. We all know that silent treatments, passive-aggressive tactics, and arguments don’t work. So, how can you find ways to get along with others and create successful teams in the workplace?

Trust, respect, and effective communication are three essential elements for building quality relationships in the workplace. Relationships are built over time, when one person has respect for another. Gradually, trust begins to build throughout the organization as well; however, trust-building is a relatively slow and long process compared to other business processes. The good news is that it can be accelerated with open interaction and good communication skills.

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5 Guidelines for Creating Trust Among Your Team

  1. Define duties. Your job description was created for a reason, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t lend a helping hand to others when needed. Do your assigned duties, then look for ways to be of service to others on your team.
  2. Implement an open-door policy. It’s important that members of teams can talk to one another and that employees can reach management when an issue arrises. Always remain positive when confronting others about an issue that is bothering you.
  3. Follow through. Keeping your word is one of the fastest ways to build trust with others on your team. A simple way to keep track of on-going, multiple projects is to put a note in your calendar to check on progress. Ask questions about the task and offer help if needed.
  4. Listen sincerely. Instead of talking often, try listening more. Ask questions to guide team members in thinking through issues and coming up with their own solutions. Everyone wants to be heard.
  5. Recognize the efforts of others. Recognition goes a long way in building trust on teams. Be sure to compliment others and show interest in their projects--appreciation matters.

Perhaps you are finding yourself frustrated by your communication at work, when you know you can do better. Building trust among top-performing teams has so much to do with increasing communication skills and ensuring that everyone feels valued.

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