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This is the reason professional women network

This is the reason professional women network

It's no surprise that almost Ellevate members regularly attend networking events; at Ellevate, we believe that networking is a key part of getting to the next stage in your career. But did you know that for 42% of Ellevate members, the #1 reason to network is to meet like-minded people? For 33%, it's to learn something new, while for only 17% the #1 reason is to meet new clients.

Of course, networking can be multi-purpose. Expanding your network, both within your industry and beyond, serves many strategic purposes. As one member commented, 

While the #1 reason is to meet like minded people, I don't want to underestimate the additional benefits of connecting with new clients, learning something new, being inspired. And doing it over a glass of wine is perfect!

Members also weighed in with smart networking tips and advice in the comments:

I find that networking events yield the best results when I go with an open mind to meet people with diverse views and interests, even when they are all from the same industry. I come away learning something new, and maybe meet a few people I want to follow-up with.
Where I work, things get done because of the relationships you have - at all levels of the organization. Influencing key stakeholders is critical to successful outcomes, and the network of relationships drives that.
My motivation for going to networking events is to both give and receive. I'm interested in making a contribution, lending my voice, engaging with others... When everyone comes with a desire to engage and share, everyone wins.

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