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Gratitude: A Job Seeker's Powerful Ally

Gratitude: A Job Seeker's Powerful Ally

One of my favorite acting teachers gave an ongoing assignment to think of something good that happened to us each and every day. This was supposed to ensure we were always positive at our auditions, and the tip translates to job seekers as well:


If an interviewer asks about your day, you want to respond in the positive. Complaining is unattractive. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you can find the positive things in each and every day, you position yourself for success.


So much of the job search is out of your control. Actors may be used to going from job to job, but this is getting to be the case even for employees of formerly stable industries. Finding good things in every day reminds yourself that good things are still happening.


We all know people who can get through adverse situations with such grace. Jobseekers rationally know that rejection is part of the search, but some are more graceful than others. That grace in turn gives them power – self-confidence, momentum, energy. Gratitude begets grace begets power.


Caroline Ceniza-Levine is a career and business coach with SixFigureStart®. Her latest book is Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career (Forbes Media, 2015).

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