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Fitness For The Professional Woman: 4 Advantages To Exercising

Fitness For The Professional Woman: 4 Advantages To Exercising

As a professional woman, you may not feel like you have a lot of extra time left in your day for exercising, but that’s only because we often downplay the value of exercise beyond the physical aspects. In fact, exercise can have important benefits in all aspects of your life, including in your career, and these benefits span a wide range of activities, so there’s surely something for everyone.

Next time you’re choosing between hitting the gym over lunch or taking that yoga class, consider these 4 benefits. You’ll find it’s easier to choose fitness when you’re also choosing success.

The Confidence Gap

Many women struggle to find our voices as leaders in the professional world, particularly when we’re in male dominated fields. Maybe we feel like others don’t respect us as experts or we fall into the too common trap of qualifying or apologizing for giving our opinion.

Whatever is holding you back, engaging in an exercise program, particularly in areas like strength training, can help you gain confidence. By building a level of mastery outside of the office, you bring a newfound strength to the professional sphere as well.

Minimize Repetitive Stress Injuries

If you work a desk job, you may find that you have chronic neck and shoulder pain - in fact, one study found that half of female office workers suffer from neck pain related to their work environment. Based on this data, researchers engaged women in different fitness activities, with specific exercises to build shoulder and arm strength showing the greatest reduction in neck pain among women. Don’t let pain be a distraction at work when simple fitness activities can help.

Beat Menopause Symptoms

From hot flashes to sleep disturbances that can impact your mood, post-menopausal women face unique challenges as we try to adapt to our changing bodies while keeping up at work. Engaging in a fitness routine can help improve sleep and manage mood difficulties associated with hormonal changes. Younger women may also find that exercising can reduce PMS symptoms that impair focus.

Improve Mental Health

Women report a higher rate of stress related illnesses than men when it comes to both physical and mental illnesses - and it’s not uncommon for work to be one of the main factors behind that stress. That’s why we need to find a way to reduce overall stress levels for optimal work performance. Endorphins released during exercise can help reduce feelings of stress, reducing work absences and allowing us to push through tough deadlines.

Exercise benefits your body and mind and can help to manage the overall impact of work on your body in addition to providing overall health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and lowered risk of osteoporosis and cancers. It’s time to stop thinking we’re too busy to exercise, when in truth we’re too busy not to exercise. We’ve got a lot of accomplish.

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