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​The Career Mindset Trick That Will Help You Reclaim Success at Work

​The Career Mindset Trick That Will Help You Reclaim Success at Work

Helen’s project was already three weeks late. This would’ve never happened a few years back, when she was still in control of her career. Back then, she’d under-promise and over-deliver, and would always be on top of her assignments. However, lately, after the sale of the financial company’s division and her own manager’s retirement, Helen had started losing interest and abdicating responsibility over her work. It seemed her mindset had shifted and she was no longer able to manage her own career, as she once did so well.

Isn’t this scenario unfortunately all-too familiar, especially for us women at work? One minute, we’re on top of our careers, thriving and doing our best. The next, unforeseen circumstances, changes in the job market, or just our own busy schedules, leave us gasping for air and desperately attempting to keep our heads above water. Not that we lack in talent, competence or even passion, but because all-too-often, our own minds get in the way of consistent success.

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Over my career, I’ve learnt success at work depends more on my mindset than my ability to log in longer hours and do more work than everyone else. Sure, everyone may like a workhorse to dump loads of unwanted tasks on...yet when it comes to deciding the type of career we want to have, and controlling the direction of our own work lives, mindset plays an extremely important role.

More specifically, what we need is a career-driven mindset focused on growth and overcoming obstacles, while still taking responsibility for our own path. When you lack this mindset, or even worse, when you lose it, you end up working on whatever comes your way, and giving responsibility for your career to others. In the same way, you tend to leave your development in the hands of others, losing the opportunity to pick and choose the areas and skills that really interest you. In the end, you become but a commodity to your team, department and company.

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Remember when you started your very first job? When you stepped into that pristine hallway in Big Corporate, big expectations and all, and your entire career appeared like this exciting challenge you couldn’t wait to take on? How you felt you could take on any obstacle coming your way, and bring your fresh news perspective to it? That’s exactly the career-driven mindset we come in to work with, and too often abandon, somewhere in between the Big Corporate influence and our own tendency to conform.

In my e-book entitled “The Corporate Sister’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Career”, I call this the “warrior spirit” (which also happens to be one of the most heralded values over at leading company Southwest Airlines). This mindset not only makes you want to excel, but also pushes you to persevere despite difficulties, innovate, and display incredible courage. That’s what takes you from seeing yourself as a mere job holder, to actually believing you own your career and have the power to grow with and through it!

Now more than ever, with a constantly changing job market and economy, this mindset is crucial as it affects our professional and individual growth, productivity, and ultimately our health and well-being.

Learn more about it in my e-book “The Corporate Sister’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Career”, and discover my 7 pillars to the career-driven mindset I’ve dubbed the “Corporate Warrior Spirit”.

Do you have a career-driven mindset? How do you personally develop and maintain it?

Solange Lopes is an author, blogger and CPA. She writes about career and lifestyle topics for women at work in her blog The Corporate Sister ( She’s the author of The Corporate Sister’s Guide to Taking Back Control of Your Career: 7 Steps to Reclaiming Your Work.

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