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40% of Ellevate Members believe the Stanford rape case won't have a long term impact.

40% of Ellevate Members believe the Stanford rape case won't have a long term impact.

We asked Ellevate Members whether they thought the Stanford rape case would have a meaningful impact on how we think about rape in this country. While small groups of members believe the case and subsequent public reaction will lead to a push for stronger sentencing, less victim blaming, or more community intervention, the largest group of respondents believe that the case won't change anything. 

Members commented:

The bias of the judge, who happened to have a similar background and share the alma mater of the accused, is reprehensible and serves to continue to demean the value of women in our society. Women in western countries have come a long way, but not yet far enough.
Being a volunteer at a prison, I really don't see any value to lengthy prison times given that no counseling takes place. Let's not forget that he will have to be registered as a sex offender and I can tell you that's worse than a Scarlet Letter. His future employment and housing opportunities will be severely limited. That's a worse punishment then getting a lengthy prison term. 

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