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13 Reasons Why Workplace Communication Matters

13 Reasons Why Workplace Communication Matters

It will come as no surprise that successful companies invest in teaching effective communication through in-house trainings, team building activities, and verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Excellent communication goes beyond conversations--employees must also know how to effectively communicate in emails, written reports, and customer-facing communication--just to name a few.

Workplace communication is vital to an organization’s growth and success. I’d like to take some time today to talk about thirteen advantages of investing in effective communication training for the workplace.

13 Reasons Workplace Communication Matters

  1. Workplace communication improves productivity.
  2. Employees who are scored highest in productivity continually receive effective communication ratings from their superiors.
  3. Absenteeism and turnover rates decrease when a strong emphasis on workplace communication is valued within the company.
  4. Employees feel more secure when they are on the receiving end of truthful communication and updates from superiors.
  5. Employees feel valued in sharing ideas, thoughts, and concerns within the organization.
  6. Companies that provide communication training help reduce barriers due to language and cultural differences.
  7. Training of domestic and international employees in effective communication avoids cultural confusion.
  8. Companies that prepare workers to excel with verbal and nonverbal communications skills find it easier to enter into global marketplaces, than companies that do not prepare their employees.
  9. Effective workplace communication helps employees form highly efficient teams.
  10. Unhealthy competition between departments decrease, ensuring that employees work together harmoniously.
  11. Teams that work together report higher productivity, responsibility, and integrity.
  12. When everyone in the organization knows his or her role, they feel valued.
  13. Employee morale is highest when communication happens authentically and effectively.

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