At Ellevate Network, we believe in some solid values that help drive our every action. Below, we share them with you so you understand a little more about us, our mission, and what we stand for.

There is power in diversity  

We value different perspectives and recognize that they help us grow. We challenge the norm to make diversity a reality.

We work to make the world a better place

We believe that the world can change for the better and we are making it happen. We don’t wait for others to do it.

Community lifts us up

We use the power of teamwork to solve problems. We communicate openly and work together to elevate each individual.

We practice gratitude

We’re passionate about the work we’re doing and recognize that we’re privileged to be doing it.

Honesty, integrity & respect, always

When in question, we always default to the “most respectful interpretation” of a situation.

Be authentic

We believe in the power of being accountable to our work as well as our personal lives. We work to make everyone comfortable presenting their genuine selves inside and outside of the workplace.

Action is important

We get things done - without freaking out.