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Quotes from the Ellevate Podcast

Quotes from the Ellevate Podcast

This week, we celebrated 25 episodes of our Ellevate Podcast - Conversations with Woman Changing the Face of Business. Our guests have included some of the most influential women in their respective industries; plus, they're all Ellevate members! They've each given us words of wisdom and tips on how to advance in your career. Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice from our guests so far. (Psst... If you haven't yet, make sure you're subscribed to the #EllevatePod, and don't forget to rate and review!)

"What nobody tells you is that nobody knows what they want to be when they grow up." - Angela Lee, Assistant Dean, Columbia Business School; Founder, 37 Angels. #EllevatePod Episode 24

"All of the super heroes, super moms, rock stars — we’ve earned those names, but not by ourselves." - Jess Torres, Executive Editor of Siempre Mujer. #EllevatePod Episode 18

"With women in the workplace, we’ve made great strides... but we need to go further." - Jennefer Witter, Author, CEO/Founder, The Boreland Group. #EllevatePod Episode 17

"I think it's really important to prepare, and always put on your game face." - Bobbi Rebell, Author, How to be a Financial Grown Up; Anchor and Columnist, Thomson Reuters. #EllevatePod Episode 11

"We should all be celebrated for the strengths we bring to the table, whatever they are." - Tami Reiss, CEO, Cyrus Innovation; Founder, Just Not Sorry. #EllevatePod Episode 13

"Trust yourself. You know what you know; move with that and don’t let the world tell you you’re wrong.” - Cali Yost, CEO & Founder, Flex + Strategy Group/Work + LifeFit, Inc. #EllevatePod Episode 6

"You have to take a risk for a chance to be right." - Karen Finerman, CEO, Metropolitan Capital Advisors; Panelist, CNBC FastMoney. #EllevatePod Episode 5


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