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The Ellevate Community's Take on the Election

The Ellevate Community's Take on the Election

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there is no way you’ve missed the media frenzy that has been the 2016 Presidential election. Between fluctuating polls, “locker room talk,” email scandals, and new developments from all camps being released every day, Election Day news has been front and center.

As a community of thought leaders and high-achieving women, Ellevate Network members have had their say; some (including Ellevate Network Chair Sallie Krawcheck) have shared their thoughts via articles on policy and expectations for the new president.

For the last few months, we've been asking our community for their views through weekly polls, asking them about everything from what they think are the most important issues to the campaign, to how they feel about the potential results as we get closer to the big day. Check out the infographic below to review some of the answers. One particular result we were surprised to see is that people are just as concerned about the potential outcome now as they were back in September.

While answering these polls is one way our community makes their voices heard, the most important way to take action for what you believe in is to vote on November 8. Find your polling place and do what you need to do to cast your vote on Election Day!

Photo: John Keane via Flickr


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