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Doing Email Right - Using Technology to Drive Engagement & Impact

Doing Email Right - Using Technology to Drive Engagement & Impact

At Ellevate, we believe in the positive impact of women in business, so we work our butts off to support women as they advance in their careers. In the last year alone, our global network of chapters hosted 500+ local events and workshops; led 100+ webinars, launched a weekly podcast, and added more than a thousand articles to our library of resources.

Email is central to how we communicate with our community of professional women. Networking event coming up next week? Send an email. Professional development webinar happening today? Send an email. New articles, interviews, podcasts, and videos published to our knowledge base? Send an email!

As you can imagine - we were sending a lot of emails.

In 2015, more than half of our lean team was preoccupied with writing, building, testing, and launching emails. When our members started to comment on the volume, we knew something had to change.

We had a vision of consolidating all of our communications, from chapter event invitations to our 15 episode welcome podcast, into a single daily email. Our consolidated email would be deeply personalized, intelligent, and automated; we would use technology to have a greater impact.

In January, we began the migration of our email engine to Boomtrain, a platform with a smart content recommendation algorithm and opportunities for more dynamic emails. For months, we worked with Boomtrain to train their AI to recommend the right professional development resources for each member of our community.

At the same time, we built the  Ellevate Event Marketing Engine, which empowers our regional chapters to share their events with their local communities. We also launched a new platform to deliver our most popular content, like trending news roundups and our weekly member poll, to all subscribers. Last but not least, we upgraded our subscription preferences so members can opt into daily or weekly emails.

In July, we finally launched the first version of The Morning Boost, combining local content from our chapters, recommended content from Boomtrain’s AI, personalized account messages, and popular broadcast content into a single, unique digest sent by timezone, all around the world. With limited work from our team, each woman in our global community began receiving a newsletter personalized just for her.

We saw an immediate spike in our traffic and engagement, especially with our professional development resources, but we knew that our first version is never our best work. We listened to our community, monitored results, and poured ourselves into additional improvements.

This month, we’re launching the second version of The Morning Boost, featuring deeper personalization and more diverse content. We’ve doubled down on localization, building in location-based event calendars and upgrading to dynamic subject lines that highlight personal invitations to upcoming local events. We’ve trained the Boomtrain AI to recommend our On Demand webinars by intelligently processing their transcripts, and have integrated a feed of new Ellevate Podcast episodes from iTunes.

Since launching The Morning Boost in July, we’ve grown our website traffic by 75%. Our key performance indicators, including event registration rates and conversion from subscriber to paid membership, are higher than ever before. Our team has been freed up to do the important work of listening to women and developing new ways to support them in reaching their professional goals. We’re excited by the results so far, and we’re proud to continue investing in technology that can scale our impact.

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Interested in learning more? Sign up for your own Morning Boost.


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