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Ellevate's Top Resources for Professional Women

Ellevate's Top Resources for Professional Women

At Ellevate Network, it’s become very clear to us that our community is so valuable  because of its diversity.

The beauty of what we do at Ellevate lies in our ability to  connect professional women to each other, and provide them with the resources they need to be successful in work and in life.

Acting as a catalyst for women’s career success, we think it’s important to list out the incredible organizations that a) are doing great work for women and b) provide true value to the woman looking to get ahead.

So whether you’re looking for funding for your new venture, trying to make a big career move, or even looking for a company with a generous family leave package, with this list you’ll always know where to go.

Ellevate's Resources for Professional Women include:

Publishing this list is Ellevate Network publicly acknowledging the progressive work that organizations are doing to advance women at work, as well as provide a list of resources for professional women who need them now more than ever.

As a networking organization, we know that we make more progress when we work together, collaborate, and share ideas. We’re grateful for our fellow organizations working to change the landscape of women in business in their own unique ways.

Ellevate is proud to work with many of the companies on this list because we believe that as a community of companies committed to closing the many gender gaps that exist today, the power of shared resources, knowledge, and passion is critical.

Read our press release about the list here.

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