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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Holiday Party Guests are Happy

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Holiday Party Guests are Happy

There are little things you can do to make your holiday parties memorable and comfortable for your guests. It is less about what you spend and getting the décor perfect and more about being thoughtful about your attendees. Here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. Think about not having your party over the holidays: People have so many obligations and often times a lot of stress over the holidays. Schedule your party for January when it is the only game in town and people can really enjoy themselves. Bonus: Prices for venues will be less expensive than in December and your attendance will be higher.

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2. Be a friend. Spouses and children often feel left out at holiday parties so go out of your way to talk to spouses/significant others. If you have children at your event, make sure there is something to entertain them and maybe even someone to assist with their activities (gingerbread house decorating, for example). As the host, be sure to make introductions as your guests arrive so no one feels left out.

3. Prepare a diverse table of foods: People increasingly have dietary needs such as being gluten-free or vegetarian. Make sure you offer choices for everyone. Think about having appropriate finger foods. If it is not a sit down meal, serve items that are easy to eat standing up or without a knife and fork. Ensure there are ample non-alcoholic choices for beverages and plenty of water as well.

4. Have a photo booth: Everyone loves a photo booth. Adults and kids alike. Think about having props that are fun and holiday oriented. People will also love the takeaway of leaving with a fun memento of your event. If it is a company party, have some props that reference you company name or tagline as well.

5. Give out favors: Select something that is gender neutral and make sure you have extras for unexpected guests or those that may have failed to RSVP. Something personal such as a gratitude jar would be great. Another idea is to give out something that would help people with the Holidays like a set of gift tags they can use when sending out their own holiday gifts.

Jennifer Lynn Robinson, is the CEO of Purposeful Networking. She conducts keynotes, workshops and seminars assisting companies, non-profits, universities and conferences to help ensure your networking is working for you. You can connect with her at on Twitter/Instagram at @AreYouNetworked, at or at

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