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5 Strategies for More Effective Networking

5 Strategies for More Effective Networking

We all know how important networking is, but we also know that it’s hard to do it well. Self-promotion can be tricky, especially when you’re advocating for your career. These days, though, it sometimes seems impossible to get a new job without a connection – so the more people you meet and stay in touch with, the better off you’ll be when you decide to start job searching.

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Adopting some simple routines can maximize your networking abilities and build up your list of connections. Here are 5 tips to help you get through this not-so-fun process:

1) Practice talking about yourself and your career. Even if you feel silly doing it, you’ll be glad you feel confident in your words when the time comes to have an important conversation about your career.

2) Make sure you have a good sense of your career goals so you can speak more naturally about where you see yourself in the future. This exercise will also save you some time in the long run, as it will direct you toward the kinds of networking events you choose to pursue.

3) Take care to listen well and be inquisitive. It’s easy to get caught up in talking about yourself, but it’s just as important to show that you’re interested in what the other person has to say. Being invested in the conversation will make you more memorable and enjoyable to talk to, and it might also lead the discussion to a topic that’s of interest to you.

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4) Whether you’re networking with people at an event or you’re reaching out to someone on LinkedIn or by email, do your research. Get informed about the people and companies involved before reaching out so that it's clear that you're a well-prepared and responsible candidate.

5) Two words: Follow. Up. Keeping in touch with new and old connections is one of the easiest ways to network; it takes just minutes to shoot someone an email. Whether you’re contacting someone who gave you a business card last night or reaching out to a former colleague, make sure to maintain your relationships. You can’t predict when you’ll want to call on someone for a favor or advice, and you’ll feel more comfortable doing so if it hasn’t been years since you were last in touch.

Check out more networking tips at Fairygodboss, a career community for women.

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Purity Mukami

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