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​Why Ellevate Network Supports All Women

​Why Ellevate Network Supports All Women

At Ellevate Network, we truly believe that diversity is a strength and we celebrate women of all beliefs and backgrounds. While Ellevate members stand on various sides of different issues, we all share the belief that gender equality is essential to moving our world forward. We come together as a community to support each other, to listen and understand, and to fight for equality.

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Many of the women in Ellevate’s community will be marching in Washington DC or other cities on January 21st, some in support of women’s rights and some in opposition to the election. Many of the women in Ellevate’s community will be attending the Inauguration and supporting the new administration.

Regardless of where we each stand, Ellevate is committed to dialogue and to the power of women’s voices and their innate ability to connect across boundaries to come to creative solutions for a more equal future. It is not always easy to overcome these differences, but if we believe in diversity, we believe in the power of diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives to bring about creative solutions for change.

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We believe that supporting all women in the Ellevate community, and raising awareness about the power of diversity, is not just good for the world, but it’s also good business and everyone benefits from a community that values respect and mutual understanding.

Are you going to the Women’s March? Will you be at the Inauguration? Tell us about it! And while you’re at it, tell us how you will OWN IT this year.


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