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Find Your Own Approval

Find Your Own Approval

Find your own approval, admiration and respect. We do not need to be approved by certain people to feel good about ourselves or know that we have value. Seeking constant approval from others, it can wear us down, frustrate and sicken us. Because no matter how hard we try, we cannot please people all the time.

The constant need of being popular and accepted brings a time bomb with it. Because when someone rejects you with a gesture, a word or a look, gradually your own world and self-love is destroyed.

The constant need to feel the approval from others, love, and words of approbation, creates masks and steal the freedom to be ourselves. We say YES, when we want to say NO. We are filled with guilt when we do not meet the wishes of others or when we meet them and we complain about it, weakening our inner strength.

You feel good when you get the approval of others; however, when you know who you are and accept yourself, there is no need to prove anything.

  • Learn to live with the approval or without the approval of others.
  • Learn to say no without fear of losing friends, business or relationships.
  • Live under your own ideas and expectations and not what others expect or want from you.
  • Put yourself first and make your own responsibility the mental, physical and emotional well-being of yourself.

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